22 Best Employee Onboarding Platforms 2024

A comprehensive list of top employee onboarding platforms that you may use for your organization along with complete guide.

Top Employee Onboarding Platforms

  Zoho People

Employee Onboarding Platforms Overview

Many organizations still rely on manual methods to manage employee onboarding, assuming that it is the most budget-friendly option. However, they fail to realize that this approach is not only time-consuming and error-prone but also resource-intensive, requiring additional manpower to complete tasks efficiently.

In today’s era of technological advancement, such outdated practices are no longer apt to handle the onboarding process. Automated solutions like employee onboarding software help significantly save costs and enhance your HR teams’ productivity. 

Let’s have a look at the top employee onboarding software solutions, and don’t miss the guide at the end of the post.

Top Employee Onboarding Platforms Solutions

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Quick Summary of Employee Onboarding Platforms

Multiplier Logo

Multiplier is one of the leading global employment and EOR solution that you may use to hire and manage international workforce.

Rippling Logo

A comprehensive solution for organizations to manage HR, Finance and IT solution for in-house and remote employees.

Deel Logo

Deel is one of the best solution to manage HR automation, workforce management, payroll, compliance and all other related processes.

GoCo Logo

GoCo is a comprehensive HRIS solution that you may use for your organization to manage all human resource related processes.

Remote.com Logo

Remote.com is a comprehensive solution that offers the option to hire, manage and pay your global workforce effectively.

PeopleStrong Logo

PeopleStrong is a comprehensive HR platform encompasses the employee lifecycle from hire to exit - One app, infinite possibilities

HROne Logo

A very handy core HR and payroll management software, HROne offers a number of features to make your HR processes smoother.


Paycor is a platform that offers multiple HR and employee management related services under one umbrella.

Connecteam Logo

Connecteam is a very handy platform to streamline your HR and team activities. It offers a number of tools under one platform starting with communication to task management.

Workday logo

Workday is a very handy HR and workforce management software that offers all the core HR features under one roof.

bamboohr Logo

A comprehensive HR software solution that can handle all core HR processes such as employee hiring, onboarding, payroll, employee benefit and more.

FoxHire Logo

FoxHire will make your hiring process smooth and simple. This is a comprehensive Employer of Record solution that you may try.

Keka Logo

Keka is a cloud-based HRM tool designed to elevate employee management expereince in a seamless way

Gusto Logo

Gusto is a cloud-based pltform for human resource management, payroll & employee benefit soutions for businesses of all size

ADP Logo

ADP provides cutting-edge HR & payroll management services to ease your everday HR operations.

Darwinbox Logo

Darwinbox mobile app provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for you to perform daily HR transactions and tasks.

GreytHR Logo

GreytHR is a cloud-based Payroll & HR software solution offering customizable features to maintain & manage employees records

ZingHR Logo

ZingHR is a cloud based HCM software which is one stop solution to manage employees overall records & activities seamlessly

zoho-people logo
Zoho People

Zoho People is the ultimate cloud-based HR management app that simplifies and streamlines your HR processes.

Papaya Global Logo
Papaya Global

Papaya Global is one of the most comprehensive solution to manage payroll, EOR, AOR and other workforce management related aspects.

Greenhouse Logo
Greenhouse ATS

A comprehensive applicant tracking and recruitment solution for all kinds of businesses. A great tool to source the right talent for the right job.

ClearCompany Logo

ClearCompany is one of the most comprehensive talent management solutions that you may use for your organization.

Employee Onboarding Platforms In Detail

Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $40/Month

Multiplier is an emerging global employment platform that enables organizations to seamlessly employ and manage international freelancers, workers, and contractors. It's a complete Employer of Record (EOR) solution, payroll management, employee onboarding and offers other related features.

Global Payroll Management
HR Lifecycle Management
Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Hire & Onboard Freelancers
Global Compliance Management
Reporting Capabilities
Tax Management
Contract Management
Expense & Leave/PTO Management
Employee Database management
Self Service Portal
Creates regionally legal compliant contracts in minutes
Handles employees end-to-end payroll
Pays them in their respective local currencies
Automatically calculate employee compensation, deductions, and taxes.
Efficiently manage expenses & time-offs
Provide insurance to full-time employees and contractors
Doesn’t have AI-driven analytics
It can be relatively costly for small businesses
No free trial available for Multiplier
Pricing Details

Multiplier offers two pricing plans: 

  • Independent Contractor plan starting at $40 per month which is for freelancers. This plan includes features like, multi-lingual contracts, international payroll, and 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Employer Of Record plan starting at $400 per month which is for full-time employees. This plan includes features like, multi-lingual contracts, international payroll, 24/7 Customer Support, benefits administration, and expense & leave management. 
Independent Contractors
Onboard and pay contractors
Employer of Record
Onboard full time employees in 150+ countries.
Global Payroll
Custom Price
Manage global payroll accurately
Custom Price
Manage immigration and get visa processing
Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $8/User

Rippling is a renowned workforce management software that is designed to assist organizations to manage HR, Finance and IT from a single dashboard. It offers onboarding, offboarding, complete payroll, Employer of record solutions to streamline your processes. Rippling is a one-stop solution for recruiting, managing employee data, performance management, time and attendance tracking, headcount planning, employee learning management and more.

Human Resource Management
Payroll Management
Leave and Attendance Management
Employee Self Service
Complete HR Reporting
Performance Management
Centralized Employee Data Management
Automated IT Task Execution
Policy Creation & Implementation
HR Document Management
Time & Attendance (TA) Management
Learning Management
Complete Talent Management
PEO Services
Global Employment
Onboard and offboard employees within 90 seconds
Automatically syncs employee updates to payroll
Centralized dashboard to access employee’s data
Provides a Rippling library
One single platform for all HR processes
Limitation in integrating capabilities
Does not provide 24/7 live support
Pricing Details

Rippling offers custom pricing plan depending on your requirements.

  • Rippling Unity: Starts at $8 per user/ per month. This plan is suitable for small business that requires limited features  
  • Moduler Plan: By quote. This plan includes all the features perfect for mid-size and growing enterprises
  • Free trial is available 
Rippling Unity
Manage and automate all your workforce operations in one place
HR Cloud
Comprehensive HR process management
IT Cloud
Manage employee system and apps remotely.
Finance Cloud
Manage employee finances as per need.
Deel Logo


Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: Custom

Deel is a well-recognized all-in-one HR solution catering to global teams, simplifying the complexities of international workforce management (complete EOR solution). This advanced platform is apt at handling onboarding, payroll, and compliance processes seamlessly.

Complete HR Solution
Employer of Record Solution
Self Service Portal
Leave Tracking (Vacation)
Compensation Management
Benefits Management
Compliance Management
Merger & Acquisition
Automate HR Workflow
Comprehensive Support
Cut onboarding time to 5 mins
Eliminates errors and duplicate work
Provides holistic view of employer costs, churn, and headcount
Automatically pays contractors and employees
Provides 15 plus global payment option
Instant expertise access
Issues in payment system
Delay response time
User interface is not intuitive
Pricing Details

Deel offers different pricing for different functionalities. You can use the platform for free to automate HR admin and reporting for upto 200 employees. If you need other services like EOR, payroll and other plans you can contact the team to get a custom quote as per your requiremnts.

EOR Plan
Custom Price
Hire employees in 100+ countries
Custom Price
Manage and pay international contractors
Global Payroll
Custom Price
Payroll in 100+ countries
Deel HR
For teams up to 200 people
GoCo Logo


Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: Custom

GoCo is an all-in-one online HR and payroll platform that provides a centralized hub for businesses to manage their human resources. The platform enables features like onboarding, benefits administration, payroll integration, time tracking, documents and forms, compliance, and performance reviews, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Paperless onboarding - Digital forms, electronic signatures
Centralized employee records hub
Automated payrolls
Online benefits enrollment and management
Team performance management
PTO and leave tracking
Performance reviews and goals
Customizable company policies database
Advanced reporting and analytics
On demand HR experts
App Integrations
Mobile App for Android and iOS devices
All-in-one centralized solution for streamlining HR tasks
User-friendly interface that requires minimal training
24/7 Support from dedicated customer success managers
Flexible pricing and numerous package options
Strong integrations ecosystem for seamless third-party data syncing
Robust reporting and analytics feature for strategic HR planning
Lacks some features present in more expensive competitors
Not as customizable for the complex HR needs of huge enterprises
Pricing Details
GoCo offers affordable packages tailored to the needs and sizes of various companies. The introductory price for every employee per month is $5. GoCo also offers customized plans for each business. Companies can request a demo and get a free trial to test the features. All plans include key features like onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, document storage along with support. These options make GoCo affordable and worthwhile for every budget and academic level.
No data was found
Remote.com Logo


Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $29/Month

Remote.com is a leading global HR & EOR platform that helps organizations hire, manage, and pay their entire global team seamlessly. With Remote, businesses can hire any employee from any country which further helps them to unlock a pool of talent. It can handle compliance, benefits, payroll, and taxes in countries where you don't have an entity.

Complete HR Management
Global Recruitment Solution
Contractor Management
Employer of Record (EOR)
Global Payrolls & Benefits
HR Tech Stack Integrations
Expense Management
Tax & Regulation Management
Time & Attendance Tracking
Employee Onboarding
HRIS for Global Teams
Complete end-to-end HR solution.
Hire and pay employees in nearly 70 countries.
Complete management of remote employees.
Payment can be made in 12 different currencies.
Complete contractor management solution.
Complete talent management solution.
Learning curve for new teams.
Relatively cheaper solutions are available.
Pricing Details

Remote.com comes with multiple pricing plans based on the features you may need for your organization. Their HRIS plan comes completely free. You may use this plan to manage all your employee onboarding, offboarding, employee data on a single platform for free.

If you need other services, you may choose the appropriate plan for your business.

Manage all of your employees in one place
Contractor Mgmt
Compliantly onboard and pay contractors
Employer of Record
Hire and pay your global team
Global Payroll
Consolidate your multi-country payroll
Remote Talent
Reach top-tier professionals from every corner of the globe
Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $3/Month

PeopleStrong is a HR technology solution that you may use to manage your HR processes. It offers core HR functions, payroll services, applicant tracking, employee onboarding and a number of other features to help you manage your workforce effectively.

Talent Acquisition
Payroll and Workforce Management
Human Capital Management
Talent Management
Advanced Analytics
Skill-Based Matching
Performance Management
Learning and Development
Succession Planning
Mobile Applications
Advanced talent matching and career pathing
Robust reporting and analytics capabilities
Continued innovation with regular product updates
Strong focus on customer success and support
One platform for the entire talent management lifecycle
Well-suited for Asia-Pacific compliance needs
The implementation may require customizations
Higher costs compared to some localized providers
Limited pre-built integrations with third-party tools
Pricing Details

PeopleStrong offers customizable pricing plans tailored to business needs and volumes. However, pricing is generally structured on a per-user, per-month subscription model. For enterprises with 501-1000 employees, pricing starts from $3 per user per month.

Volume discounts are available for plans with over 1000 users. Implementations are typically completed within 4-6 weeks.

On-premise installations are also public for larger enterprises that require behind-the-firewall security. Comprehensive support and training are included.

No data was found
HROne Logo


Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: ₹85/Month

HROne is a leading cloud-based human resource management system that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to automate and streamline people management processes. Some of its key features include a core HR module for maintaining employee records and managing organizational structure, payroll process and benefits.

Handy mobile app
Configurable workflows
Self-service portal
Role-based access
50+ Integrations
Applicant tracking
Performance management
Leave management
Expense reimbursements
Time and Attendance
Built-in payroll
Custom reports
Centralized dashboard
Robust feature set covering all HR functions
Configurable as per business requirements
Robust security protocols and certifications
Good support through online guides and call centers
Seamless third-party integration capabilities
Competitively priced all-inclusive subscriptions
Mobile app interfaces could load faster, especially on poor internet
Some advanced modules, like talent management, need separate purchases
Pricing Details
HROne pricing is only available upon request, as packages are customized according to business needs and requirements. However, based on available information, plans typically start from Rs. 85 per user per month based on the number of employees and modules required. The software offers a professional version of Rs 115 per user per month with advanced features. Other than the monthly/annual subscription fee, no setup or additional costs are involved.
₹ 85 /User/Month
Core HR, Payroll, Mobile app
₹ 115 /User/Month
Workflows and more
Custom Price
Recruitment, Performance and more
Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: Custom

Paycor is a leading HR software and services provider that offers human capital management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Some of Paycor's key features that indicate what the company does include automated payroll, onboarding solutions, applicant tracking, benefits administration, and talent management tools.

Complete HR process management
Automated payroll solution
Paperless onboarding
Applicant tracking soliution
Employee time tracking
Expense management
Talent development & management
Work scheduling option
Compliance management
Detailed analytics
Single integrated platform for HR, payroll, benefits & compliance
User-friendly interface optimized for mobile use
Robust suite of HR tools like applicant tracking & performance reviews
Assists with onboarding, paperwork, & new hire reporting
Offers on-demand pay for employees
A strong support team is available via phone and online
Pricing is customized rather than transparent
Additional fees apply for features like time tracking
Implementation & activation fees for most plan levels
Pricing Details
Paycor requires businesses to request a custom quote. The quote will depend on factors like number of employees, desired features, and add-ons. Paycor promotes flexibility, so businesses only pay for what they need. Plans include unlimited payroll processing, tax filing, support from HR experts, and use of all features in the Paycor platform.
No data was found
Connecteam Logo


Free Version: Array
Free Trial: Array
Starting Price: $29/Month

Connecteam is an all-in-one HRIS platform with employee management with team engagement, and communication tools like messaging and company updates, time tracking capabilities integrated with payroll systems, and scheduling and assignment of shifts and tasks to employees.

Comprehensive time tracking
Task management
Work management & scheduling
Checklists and forms
Communication & chat system
Company knowledge base management
Manage company events
Employee rewards & recognition
Employee training & onboarding
Comprehensive support
Intuitive mobile app for easy management on-the-go
All-in-one platform with no need for multiple tools
Robust communication and engagement features
Real-time task tracking and scheduling
GPS time tracking with geofenced time sheets
paperless forms and checklists
Affordable pricing, even for small businesses
Limited admin features on the mobile app, yet
It can be overwhelming for tiny teams
Pricing Details
Connecteam provides three pricing options designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. The basic plan starts at a budget rate of $29 per month, allowing up to 30 users. This makes it an affordable choice for businesses. If you need advanced features, there is also a plan available at $49 per month. There is also an expert plan for huge teams priced at $99 per month billed annually.
Small Business Plan
Full access to all hubs and features
Basic Plan
For the first 30 users $0.5 / month for each additional user
Advanced Plan
For the first 30 users $1.5 / month for each additional user
Expert Plan
For the first 30 users $3 / month for each additional user
Workday logo


Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $7/Month

Workday is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software provider that helps companies manage HR, finance, and planning functions. Some of the critical features of Workday include tools for recruiting and onboarding, such as applicant tracking and skills-based hiring. It offers core HR and benefits administration functionality encompassing employee and manager self-service, compliance, and core data management.

Intuitive user interface
Personalized employee experiences
Skills-based people insights
Advanced analytics and reporting
Robust talent management suite
Flexible compensation tools
Global payroll capabilities
Continuous performance feedback
Configurable business process flows
Strong mobile functionality
Continuous innovation with regular product updates
Excellent mobile experience for employees
Robust implementation and support services
Track record of handling complex global deployments
Flexible to grow with the evolving needs of customers
Skills Cloud provides comprehensive skills data insights