Rippling vs. BambooHR: Detailed Comparison 2024

A detailed Rippling vs. BambooHR comparison, two of the most popular HR Tech solutions with comprehensive features to manage most of your HR processes. We have considered a number of factors to help you select the best one.

Rippling vs. BambooHR: Overview

What is Rippling?

A comprehensive solution for organizations to manage HR, Finance and IT solution for in-house and remote employees.

What is BambooHR?

A comprehensive HR software solution that can handle all core HR processes such as employee hiring, onboarding, payroll, employee benefit and more.

Rippling vs. BambooHR: HR Stacks Score

Rippling vs. BambooHR HR Stacks score based on a number of data points. We check the features, user feedback, community sentiments while adding the score. The score will give you some idea about the overall quality of the products.

HR Stacks Score for Rippling

HR Stacks Score for BambooHR

Rippling vs. BambooHR: Top Features

Rippling vs. BambooHR top features. In this list of features, we haven’t included all the features that the products has to offer. However, we tried to add the important ones to give you a competitive idea.

Top Features of Rippling

Human Resource Management
Payroll Management
Leave and Attendance Management
Employee Self Service
Complete HR Reporting
Performance Management
Centralized Employee Data Management
Automated IT Task Execution
Policy Creation & Implementation
HR Document Management
Time & Attendance (TA) Management
Learning Management
Complete Talent Management
PEO Services
Global Employment

Top Features of BambooHR

Employee hiring & onboarding
Employee record management
Applicant tracking system
Benefits enrollment & billing
Complete payroll management
Time & attendance tracking
Customizable reporting
Performance review system
Paperless forms & electronic signatures
Employee performance management
Complete data & reporting
Integration with other related apps

Rippling vs. BambooHR: Company Profile

Rippling vs. BambooHR, some of the important points about the product company to giev you an idea about the strength of the company behind the product. It will also give you an idea about the stability of the product.

Rippling Company Profile

Co Name: Rippling People Center, Inc.
HQ: California, United States
Est Year: 2016
Company Size
1001-5000 employees

BambooHR Company Profile

Co Name: Bamboo HR LLC
HQ: Utah, United States
Est Year: 2008
Company Size
251-500 employees

Rippling vs. BambooHR: Pricing Comparison

Rippling vs. BambooHR pricing comparison. The pricing is one of the most important aspect to look at when we compare two products. It can be an important aspect to make a decision.

Rippling Pricing Details

Free Version: No

Free Trail: Yes

Starting Price: $8/User

BambooHR Pricing Details

Free Version: No

Free Trail: Yes

Starting Price: Custom

Rippling vs. BambooHR: Pros & Cons

Rippling Pros & Cons

Pros of Rippling

Onboard and offboard employees within 90 seconds
Automatically syncs employee updates to payroll
Centralized dashboard to access employee’s data
Provides a Rippling library
One single platform for all HR processes

Cons of Rippling

Limitation in integrating capabilities
Does not provide 24/7 live support

BambooHR Pros & Cons

Pros of BambooHR

Complete end-to-end HR solution from one vendor
Modern interface that's intuitive for both HR and employees
Modern interface that's intuitive for both HR and employees
Strong focus on automation and process efficiency
Excellent customer support responsive to feedback
Regular updates are rolled out to keep the platform current
Extensive network of pre-built integrations

Cons of BambooHR

Some features have more limited capabilities than competitors
Mobile app functionality is still maturing in some areas

Rippling vs. BambooHR: Learn More

Rippling and BambooHR are top-rated Human Resource Management solutions that can seamlessly manage employee management tasks and administrative HR functions. Although they share almost similar features, they operate differently. 

What Is Rippling?

Rippling is a unified cloud-based HR platform that helps HR teams effectively manage and monitor payroll, employee data, apps, devices, and more, basically, all HR operations form one place. 

Be it assigning app, system, and data access to new hires or promptly revoking access upon their departure and everything in between, Rippling seamlessly executes these critical tasks through its advanced functionalities. 

What Is BambooHR?

BambooHR is an all-in-one HRMS platform designed specifically for small and medium-size organizations. With BambooHR your team can manage the entire lifecycle of employees from the time they join till the end of their tenure. Also, it allows you to track hours worked, manage benefits enrollment, and run payroll all from one place. 

Not only that, BambooHR acts as your one-stop shop for data management, where you can quickly access ready-made reports, use automated processes, and get detailed insights. It’s like having a reliable source of truth that keeps things organized and helps you make smart decisions for your business.

Rippling vs BambooHR: Comparison Based On Different Parameters 

Below we have thoroughly differentiated Rippling and BambooHR based on different parameters. This analysis will help you get a better idea of which HR tool will be more suitable for your business’s needs: 

Parameters Rippling BambooHR
Standout Factor – Rippling offers a base plan that includes employee onboarding, policy, document management features, and leave management capabilities, and also workforce analytics. This means you will get the crucial features in one plan itself.

– Rippling offers a wide range of additional features, such as employee benefits and administration, recruitment, time tracking, managing performance, processing payroll, and overseeing apps and devices.

– Rippling also provides a scalable plan that allows employers to shift from PEO or EOR services and stand-alone HR platforms as required.
– BambooHR provides two basic HR plans- “essential” and “advantage” that include different features, like employee onboarding, applicant tracking, training tracking, reporting, time-off management, and employee self-service. So according to your needs, you can choose the standard plan.

– If any business wants BambooHR to integrate with their existing system or other apps, they can choose a plan that includes an open API.
HR Services – Recruitment and onboarding
– Time-off management
– Payroll and taxes
– PEO and EOR services
– Expense management
– HR workflow automation
– Reporting and analytics
– Learning management
– Benefits administration
– Employee directory
– Document management
– App and device management
– HR workflows and approvals
– Performance management
– Benefits tracking
– Document storage
– Employee directory
– Applicant tracking and onboarding
– Time-off management
– Payroll and taxes
– Reporting
Payroll and benefitsBasically provide domestic and global payroll servicesPrimarily provides domestic payroll services
Ease Of UseRippling is highly flexible, and customizable, and automates most of the HR tasksUser friendly interface and easy to navigate 
Customer Support Assistance is offered through email, webchat Assistance is offered via email, phone calls and webchat

Which One To Choose Rippling Or BambooHR?

After going through the compassion you must have got a basic idea of which one can be a perfect fit for your needs.

However, to ensure you make the right decision you can also evaluate different factors like your company size, industry requirements, and desired functionalities. By doing so you can find the solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Please take note that before opting for any of the platforms, schedule a free demo and thoroughly explore their features. Analyze whether the platform can effectively deliver the results you expect. As you will be making the investment, it’s essential to choose wisely, opting for the platform that best meets your specific needs.

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