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HR Software

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Featured HR Tech Solutions

Know more about some of the most popular and widely used HR Tech solutions.


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Multiplier is one of the leading global employment and EOR solution that you may use to hire and manage international workforce.


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A comprehensive solution for organizations to manage HR, Finance and IT solution for in-house and remote employees.


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Deel is one of the best solution to manage HR automation, workforce management, payroll, compliance and all other related processes.

Oyster HR

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Oyster HR is a comprehensive HR and Employer Of Record solution that you may use to hire and manage your workforce. Logo is a comprehensive solution that offers the option to hire, manage and pay your global workforce effectively.

Recently Added HR Tech Products

Discover top recently added products that you may use to manage your workforce & be more productive as a team. 

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Recruit CRM
HR Stacks Score: 92.5%
Recruit CRM is a global recruitment platform that manages all...
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Ceipal ATS
HR Stacks Score: 91.5%
Ceipal ATS is an advanced staffing and recruiting software platform...
Omnipresent Logo
HR Stacks Score: 92%
Omnipresent is a global employment platform that assists in managing...
GoHire Logo
HR Stacks Score: 91.5%
GoHire is an easy-to-use resource recruitment solution that helps in...
ZipRecruiter Logo
HR Stacks Score: 91.5%
ZipRecruiter is an authentic and dynamic online job portal that...
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Breezy HR
HR Stacks Score: 92%
Breezy HR is a modern-day recruitment platform that helps with...

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What is HR Tech?

HR Tech (Human Resources technology) solution is a term used to define the technology used by HR professionals to streamline the HR processes. Starting with employee hiring, onboarding, payroll management to all other related aspects that can be managed by HR Tech solutions. 

At HR Stacks, we regularly publish reviews of HR Tech solution, we publish detailed HR guide to help you choose best products and create a top quality HR Tech Stack for your organization.

There are a number of factors that you need to look at while you choose your HR Tech solutions. Starting with your need, the features that a platform offers. It is always good to choose a platform that can manage all the important such as Core HR Process, Payroll, Applicant Tracking, Talent Management, Employee Well-being etc.

If you represent any HR Tech solution provider and wish to add your product on HR Stacks, you may contact us using the contact form and send us detail of the product. Our team will get in touch to find more details and list it on the site. 

We offer both paid and free listing option. Depending on your requirement, we can proceed with the listing. 

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