21 Best Payroll Software for 2024

This list of top Payroll software will help you choose the best option for your business to make your Payroll management smooth.

Top Payroll Software

  Zoho People
  Papaya Global

Payroll Software Overview

Are you looking for the best Payroll software? We have listed the top options in this article that you may use.

Have you ever wondered what makes a company stand in the competitive marketplace? You might say it is their product, services, goodwill, and several other things, but the real powerhouse behind success is the workforce–the employees.

If your workforce is satisfied with the workplace and the environment they will deliver their best, and help your company reach new heights. However, along with the workplace environment the major factor that contributes to employees satisfaction is getting paid on time. 

But as business expands, more employees are hired to meet up the needs, making it challenging for HR teams to manually manage payroll of a large employee base.

Let’s have a look at the top Payroll software that you may consider for your business.

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Top Payroll Software Solutions

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Quick Summary of Payroll Software

Paychex Logo

Paychex is a complete payroll, HR process and employee benefit administration portal that you may consider for your organization.

Multiplier Logo

Multiplier is one of the leading global employment and EOR solution that you may use to hire and manage international workforce.

Plane HR Logo

Plane is a comprehensive solution for organizations to manage their overall HR & Payroll operations at one place

Rippling Logo

A comprehensive solution for organizations to manage HR, Finance and IT solution for in-house and remote employees.

Deel Logo

Deel is one of the best solution to manage HR automation, workforce management, payroll, compliance and all other related processes.


Remofirst is a comprehensive HR & EOR solution that will make global employee hiring process smooth and simple for your business.

Remote.com Logo

Remote.com is a comprehensive solution that offers the option to hire, manage and pay your global workforce effectively.

Skuad Logo

Skuad is a global HR and payroll platform that simplifies managing a distributed workforce globally.

Agile Hero Logo
Agile Hero

A comprehensive solution for global employment that can take care of Payroll and other HR services for your business.


Paycor is a platform that offers multiple HR and employee management related services under one umbrella.

bamboohr Logo

A comprehensive HR software solution that can handle all core HR processes such as employee hiring, onboarding, payroll, employee benefit and more.

Sage HR Logo
Sage HR

Sage HR is a cloud-based human resources management solution to help you remotely track, manage, and engage your employees as easily as you do in the office.

FoxHire Logo

FoxHire will make your hiring process smooth and simple. This is a comprehensive Employer of Record solution that you may try.

Keka Logo

Keka is a cloud-based HRM tool designed to elevate employee management expereince in a seamless way

Gusto Logo

Gusto is a cloud-based pltform for human resource management, payroll & employee benefit soutions for businesses of all size

ADP Logo

ADP provides cutting-edge HR & payroll management services to ease your everday HR operations.

Razorpay Logo

Razorpay is a platform that enables businesses to accept, process, and disburse payments.

Darwinbox Logo

Darwinbox mobile app provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for you to perform daily HR transactions and tasks.

GreytHR Logo

GreytHR is a cloud-based Payroll & HR software solution offering customizable features to maintain & manage employees records

ZingHR Logo

ZingHR is a cloud based HCM software which is one stop solution to manage employees overall records & activities seamlessly

zoho-people logo
Zoho People

Zoho People is the ultimate cloud-based HR management app that simplifies and streamlines your HR processes.

Papaya Global Logo
Papaya Global

Papaya Global is one of the most comprehensive solution to manage payroll, EOR, AOR and other workforce management related aspects.

Payroll Software In Detail

Paychex Logo


Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: Custom

Paychex is an online platform that provides HR, payroll, and benefits administration solutions. Developed by Paychex, it offers businesses an all-in-one solution to manage essential HR functions from one centralized system. With Paychex, users can perform tasks like onboarding new hires, collecting employee vacation and sick leave, processing payroll, filing taxes, providing benefits enrollment, and more.

Complete Hiring Services
Reporting and Analytics
Self-Service Portal
Complete Payroll Services
Applicant Tracking System
Onboarding Workflows
Alerts and Notifications
Employee Database Management
Customizable Reports
Real-Time Reporting
All-in-one centralized system for HR functions
Intuitive dashboard and reporting tools
Substantial compliance and security features
Customizable templates and workflows
A dedicated support team is available 24/7
Mobile accessibility via iOS and Android apps
The steep learning curve for more complex tasks
Higher pricing for bundled packages
Limited third-party integrations
Pricing Details

Paychex offers three main payroll packages for their clients. The entry-level Essentials plan starts affordably at $39 per month and scales up conveniently with your workforce.

Most companies choose their popular Select option for a personalized solution crafted with an experienced Paychex guide. Customization is key here. Extensive support is provided through their top Pro plan, which is suited for complex operations requiring full HR assistance. Contact their team for detailed pricing and custom plans for your company.

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Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $40/Month

Multiplier is an emerging global employment platform that enables organizations to seamlessly employ and manage international freelancers, workers, and contractors. It's a complete Employer of Record (EOR) solution, payroll management, employee onboarding and offers other related features.

Global Payroll Management
HR Lifecycle Management
Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Hire & Onboard Freelancers
Global Compliance Management
Reporting Capabilities
Tax Management
Contract Management
Expense & Leave/PTO Management
Employee Database management
Self Service Portal
Creates regionally legal compliant contracts in minutes
Handles employees end-to-end payroll
Pays them in their respective local currencies
Automatically calculate employee compensation, deductions, and taxes.
Efficiently manage expenses & time-offs
Provide insurance to full-time employees and contractors
Doesn’t have AI-driven analytics
It can be relatively costly for small businesses
No free trial available for Multiplier
Pricing Details

Multiplier offers two pricing plans: 

  • Independent Contractor plan starting at $40 per month which is for freelancers. This plan includes features like, multi-lingual contracts, international payroll, and 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Employer Of Record plan starting at $400 per month which is for full-time employees. This plan includes features like, multi-lingual contracts, international payroll, 24/7 Customer Support, benefits administration, and expense & leave management. 
Independent Contractors
Onboard and pay contractors
Employer of Record
Onboard full time employees in 150+ countries.
Global Payroll
Custom Price
Manage global payroll accurately
Custom Price
Manage immigration and get visa processing
Plane HR Logo


Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $19 per employee/month

Plane (formerly known as Pilot) is an HR and payroll platform that helps companies pay and manage their workforce globally. It provides an all-in-one solution for HR needs, such as hiring employees and contractors, managing payroll, and handling benefits and compliances across various countries.

Hire employees globally in 100+ countries
Pay contractors in 240+ countries and 70+ currencies
Onboard and manage global teams
Centrally store payroll, documents and records
Guidance for visa, immigration and IP transfers
Manage benefits, insurance and other compliances
Track expenses, time off and handle reimbursements
Locally compliant contracts for every country
Integrated state registrations for US hires
Multi-level user permissions
Support in multiple languages
Automated tax filings like 1099 and W-2
Direct bank payments for contractors
Real-time payment tracking visibility
Flexible payment approval workflows
Currency conversion at optimal rates
Customizable employment contracts
Optional health insurance and other benefits
Intuitive dashboard for all HR functions
Robust reporting on team performance
One platform for global hiring and payroll
Automated compliance and paperwork
Centralized employee documents and records
Expert support for visa, immigration, taxation
Integrations for payroll, benefits and banking
Extra charges for high-volume hires
Limited customizations for enterprises
Some advanced reporting is not available
Pricing Details

For US employees, the pricing is a flat rate of $19 per employee per month. This includes guided onboarding, payroll, state registrations and other core features.

Contractors within the US are charged $39 per month for each active contractor. Global hires cost $499 per international employee, which allows staff to be hired across 100+ nations.

Enterprises can consult custom prices for large-scale global onboarding. All plans are cancellation fee-free, allowing users to pause services as desired.

While the rates ensure affordability, the platform avoids costs for users through features like identifying inactive team members to avoid billing.

US Employees
Comprehensive multi-state W2 payroll
International Contractors
Payments in 240+ countries
International Employees
Hire in 100+ countries
Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $8/User

Rippling is a renowned workforce management software that is designed to assist organizations to manage HR, Finance and IT from a single dashboard. It offers onboarding, offboarding, complete payroll, Employer of record solutions to streamline your processes. Rippling is a one-stop solution for recruiting, managing employee data, performance management, time and attendance tracking, headcount planning, employee learning management and more.

Human Resource Management
Payroll Management
Leave and Attendance Management
Employee Self Service
Complete HR Reporting
Performance Management
Centralized Employee Data Management
Automated IT Task Execution
Policy Creation & Implementation
HR Document Management
Time & Attendance (TA) Management
Learning Management
Complete Talent Management
PEO Services
Global Employment
Onboard and offboard employees within 90 seconds
Automatically syncs employee updates to payroll
Centralized dashboard to access employee’s data
Provides a Rippling library
One single platform for all HR processes
Limitation in integrating capabilities
Does not provide 24/7 live support
Pricing Details

Rippling offers custom pricing plan depending on your requirements.

  • Rippling Unity: Starts at $8 per user/ per month. This plan is suitable for small business that requires limited features  
  • Moduler Plan: By quote. This plan includes all the features perfect for mid-size and growing enterprises
  • Free trial is available 
Rippling Unity
Manage and automate all your workforce operations in one place
HR Cloud
Comprehensive HR process management
IT Cloud
Manage employee system and apps remotely.
Finance Cloud
Manage employee finances as per need.
Deel Logo


Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: Custom

Deel is a well-recognized all-in-one HR solution catering to global teams, simplifying the complexities of international workforce management (complete EOR solution). This advanced platform is apt at handling onboarding, payroll, and compliance processes seamlessly.

Complete HR Solution
Employer of Record Solution
Self Service Portal
Leave Tracking (Vacation)
Compensation Management
Benefits Management
Compliance Management
Merger & Acquisition
Automate HR Workflow
Comprehensive Support
Cut onboarding time to 5 mins
Eliminates errors and duplicate work
Provides holistic view of employer costs, churn, and headcount
Automatically pays contractors and employees
Provides 15 plus global payment option
Instant expertise access
Issues in payment system
Delay response time
User interface is not intuitive
Pricing Details

Deel offers different pricing for different functionalities. You can use the platform for free to automate HR admin and reporting for upto 200 employees. If you need other services like EOR, payroll and other plans you can contact the team to get a custom quote as per your requiremnts.

EOR Plan
Custom Price
Hire employees in 100+ countries
Custom Price
Manage and pay international contractors
Global Payroll
Custom Price
Payroll in 100+ countries
Deel HR
For teams up to 200 people


Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $25/Month

Remofirst is an all-in-one global HR platform & Employer Of Record solution that is designed to hire remote employees from anywhere around the world with just a single click. It offers payroll solution, workforce management, global contractors management, background check of employees and more.

Attendance management
Document Management
Self Service Management
Expense Management
Inventory Management
Payroll Management
Performance Management
Recruitment Management
Time & Attendance Management
Workflow Management
Compliance Management
Billing & Invoicing
Tax Management
Performance Appraisal
Offers comprehensive HR features
Manage global employees and compliance
Intuitive and easy to navigate interface
Responsive customer support
Favorable pricing options
Issues and delays in updating data
Limited features compared to competitors
Pricing Details

Remofirst offers two pricing model:

  • The contractor plan starts at $25 per user/per month. This plan is solely applicable for contractors.
  • Employer of Record plan starting at $199 per user/per month. This plan is applicable for freelancers and full-time remote employees 
  • Note: starting price does not include set up fee
Onboard new contractors in seconds
Employer of Record
Hire with one click in 180+ countries
Provide premium health insurance
Remote.com Logo


Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $29/Month

Remote.com is a leading global HR & EOR platform that helps organizations hire, manage, and pay their entire global team seamlessly. With Remote, businesses can hire any employee from any country which further helps them to unlock a pool of talent. It can handle compliance, benefits, payroll, and taxes in countries where you don't have an entity.

Complete HR Management
Global Recruitment Solution
Contractor Management
Employer of Record (EOR)
Global Payrolls & Benefits
HR Tech Stack Integrations
Expense Management
Tax & Regulation Management
Time & Attendance Tracking
Employee Onboarding
HRIS for Global Teams
Complete end-to-end HR solution.
Hire and pay employees in nearly 70 countries.
Complete management of remote employees.
Payment can be made in 12 different currencies.
Complete contractor management solution.
Complete talent management solution.
Learning curve for new teams.
Relatively cheaper solutions are available.
Pricing Details

Remote.com comes with multiple pricing plans based on the features you may need for your organization. Their HRIS plan comes completely free. You may use this plan to manage all your employee onboarding, offboarding, employee data on a single platform for free.

If you need other services, you may choose the appropriate plan for your business.

Manage all of your employees in one place
Contractor Mgmt
Compliantly onboard and pay contractors
Employer of Record
Hire and pay your global team
Global Payroll
Consolidate your multi-country payroll
Remote Talent
Reach top-tier professionals from every corner of the globe
Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: Starting from $19

Skuad is a global HR and payroll platform that simplifies managing a distributed workforce globally. The platform allows businesses to hire talent anywhere in the world quickly, without having to establish legal entities in each country or spend months dealing with complex HR administration and compliance issues. Skuad handles critical aspects like digital onboarding, real-time global payroll, benefits administration, and ensuring adherence to local employment laws on behalf of its clients.

Digital onboarding internationally
Real-time global payroll across borders
Legal compliance worldwide
Centralized dashboard
Paperless processes
Generate pay stubs with a click
App integrations
Multiple language options
Automatic reporting team metrics
Tax management ensures payment accuracy
Visa sponsorship global work
Employee background screening
Paid time off tracking vacation
Expense management
Contractor invoicing billing
Benefits enrollment
API integration
Adaptability to changing business needs
Integrations with other systems
Simplified record-keeping
Hassle-free global hiring
Centralized information access
The steep learning curve for niche features
Non-availability in certain countries
Pricing Details

Skuad offers tiered pricing plans starting from $199/month for hiring regular full-time employees globally.

This subscription provides access to features like digital contracting, multi-country payroll, benefits administration, tax management, and ongoing support. For hiring contractors around the world, plans start from just $19/user/month.

Additional services like visa and immigration assistance and background checks can be availed at nominal fees. Skuad also has customized enterprise-level pricing for large corporations with 500+ distributed workforce.

They offer volume-based discounts, dedicated success managers, and customized reporting in these packages.

Starting from $19
  • Hire and pay contractors globally
  • Payments in 100+ currencies
  • Contracts tailored to local laws
  • Milestone, hourly, or fixed invoicing
  • Perks, benefits, time-off and expenses
  • IC compliance and secure IP
  • Multi-channel support and guidance
Full-time Employees
Starting from $199


  • Hire full-time employees anywhere
  • Payments in 100+ currencies
  • Contracts tailored to local laws
  • Perks, benefits, time-off and expenses
  • Employee tax management
  • IC compliance and secure IP
  • Multi-channel support and guidance
Get a Quote


  • Localized employment agreements
  • Payroll in 100+ currencies, taxes and deductions
  • Benefits, time-off, expenses and bonuses
  • Bullet-proof IP protection
  • Dedicated employee and employer manager
  • Customized systems integrations and reporting
Agile Hero Logo

Agile Hero

Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $599/Employee

Agile Hero is an innovative and comprehensive platform offering a blend of EOR, payroll management, and global mobility functionalities. This all-in-one solution empowers businesses worldwide to seamlessly oversee their global teams. It can manage all admin tasks associated with employment, including payroll, taxes, benefits, insurance, and compliance with local laws and regulations.

Agile-Focused EOR
HR Management
Email Archiving
Searchable Email Database
Email Tagging and Categorization
Secure Email Storage
Compliance Management
Access Control and Permissions
Audit Trail
Customizable Retention Policies
Real-Time Notifications
Seamlessly integrates with various project management tools
Intuitive user interface
Excels in supporting global mobility
Provides complete payment solutions
Supports self onboarding ability
Submitting expense request is easy
Limited customization options
Does not provide multilingual support
Features have a learning curve
Pricing Details

Agile Hero offers four pricing model:

  1. Global EOR plan starting at $599 per employee 
  2. Global Payroll plan starting at $499  for up to 5 employees 
  3. Global Mobility & HR Consulting & Expansion Advisory plan you have to request quote 
Starter EOR Plan
15% discount if paid annually
Pro EOR Plan
15% discount if paid annually
Hero EOR Plan
15% discount if paid annually
Global Payroll
For up to 5 employees