Multiplier vs Oyster HR: Detailed Comparison 2024

A detailed Multiplier vs Oyster HR comparison, two of the popular EOR solutions for businesses to manage and grow globally. We have considered a number of factors to help you select the right solution.

Multiplier vs Oyster HR: Overview

What is Multiplier?

Multiplier is one of the leading global employment and EOR solution that you may use to hire and manage international workforce.

What is Oyster HR?

Oyster HR is a comprehensive HR and Employer Of Record solution that you may use to hire and manage your workforce.

Multiplier vs Oyster HR: HR Stacks Score

Multiplier vs Oyster HR HR Stacks score based on a number of data points. We check the features, user feedback, community sentiments while adding the score. The score will give you some idea about the overall quality of the products.

HR Stacks Score for Multiplier

HR Stacks Score for Oyster HR

Multiplier vs Oyster HR: Top Features

Multiplier vs Oyster HR top features. In this list of features, we haven’t included all the features that the products has to offer. However, we tried to add the important ones to give you a competitive idea.

Top Features of Multiplier

Global Payroll Management
HR Lifecycle Management
Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Hire & Onboard Freelancers
Global Compliance Management
Reporting Capabilities
Tax Management
Contract Management
Expense & Leave/PTO Management
Employee Database management
Self Service Portal

Top Features of Oyster HR

Time Off Management
Recruiting Management
Performance Appraisal
Payroll Management
Employee Database
HR Compliance Management
Applicant Tracking
Self Service Portal
Compensation Management
Benefits Management

Multiplier vs Oyster HR: Company Profile

Multiplier vs Oyster HR, some of the important points about the product company to giev you an idea about the strength of the company behind the product. It will also give you an idea about the stability of the product.

Multiplier Company Profile

Co Name: Multiplier Technologies Pte. Ltd.
HQ: New York, United States
Est Year: 2020
Company Size
501-1000 employees

Oyster HR Company Profile

Co Name: Oyster HR Inc.
HQ: San Francisco , US
Est Year: 2020
Company Size
501-1000 employees

Multiplier vs Oyster HR: Pricing Comparison

Multiplier vs Oyster HR pricing comparison. The pricing is one of the most important aspect to look at when we compare two products. It can be an important aspect to make a decision.

Multiplier Pricing Details

Free Version: No

Free Trail: No

Starting Price: $40/Month

Oyster HR Pricing Details

Free Version: No

Free Trail: Yes

Starting Price: $29/Month

Multiplier vs Oyster HR: Pros & Cons

Multiplier Pros & Cons

Pros of Multiplier

Creates regionally legal compliant contracts in minutes
Handles employees end-to-end payroll
Pays them in their respective local currencies
Automatically calculate employee compensation, deductions, and taxes.
Efficiently manage expenses & time-offs
Provide insurance to full-time employees and contractors

Cons of Multiplier

Doesn’t have AI-driven analytics
It can be relatively costly for small businesses
No free trial available for Multiplier

Oyster HR Pros & Cons

Pros of Oyster HR

Intuitive user interface
Onboard new talent within 48 hours
Manage invoices, expenses, and other contract terms
Automates HR management tasks
Provides visibility with payroll, invoice stats
Sync payroll data with your ERP software
Pay contractors in 140+ currencies

Cons of Oyster HR

Limited customization option
Expensive, especially for small businesses

Hope you find this Multiplier vs Oyster HR helpful. We have also published a number of other related comparisons that you may read next.

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