15 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

Best tools to generate relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts and drive more traffic to your posts.
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Are you looking for the best Instagram hashtag generators? Well, we have listed the top tools for you to generate relevant hashtags.

When we talk about hashtags, they are generally used to cluster topics and make it easier for users to find relevant posts based on the hashtag they are searching for. It is most commonly used on Twitter and Instagram.

There are hashtags on Instagram with millions of posts. Regular users make sure that they use the best and most relevant hashtags so that other users on the platform can find their content which eventually helps users to increase followers.

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How Instagram Hashtags Can Help?

Before we move ahead with the best Instagram hashtag generators, let’s understand how they can help.

Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users and millions of posts are published by users on a daily basis, so you will be lost in the sea of posts if you don’t make relevant searches and hashtags are the ones that make things easier for you.

If you are interested in food-related content, you can look for popular hashtags around food posts, similarly for fashion, home decor, or any other topic that you wish to search for.

1. HashtagsForLikes

HashtagsForLikes is a handy tool to find trending hashtags that can help you grow your followers. There are two ways to find trending hashtags using HashtagsForLikes:

  • Enter a hashtag 
  • Analyze your profile

Along with finding hashtags, the tool also helps you to check the difficulty score of ranking the hashtags along with information about additional parameters like:

  • Used 
  • Likes 
  • Reach 

Analyzing the above parameters helps decide whether a hashtag is worth using or not. Considering that most social media platforms allow only a limited number of hashtags, this analysis can help you choose the right hashtag to increase the visibility of your post. 

Also, HashtagsForLikes helps run hashtag campaigns as it provides you with analytical data like unique posts, hashtag reach, and average likes. 

Top Features 

  • Dedicated growth manager 
  • Hashtag difficulty scoring 
  • Live analytics
Hashtags Research Tool

2. All Hashtag

All hashtag helps you to generate the hashtags under the following categories:

  • Top 
  • Random 
  • Live

Once you enter a keyword in the generator tool, it will show you the top 30 hashtags. Additionally, it will show random hashtags connected to it and other similar hashtags. 

In total, it generates 30 hashtags in one category. You can simply copy these hashtags and paste them on the required social media platform to increase your content reach. 

The idea behind supporting 30 hashtags in one batch is that Instagram supports a maximum of 30 hashtags. 

This hashtag generator comes with plenty of hashtag tools. The available tools on the platform are:

  • Hashtag Generator 
  • Hashtag Creator 
  • Hashtag Counter
  • Hashtag Analytics 
  • Top Hashtags

Its hashtag analytics tool can be a part of any social media marketing strategy as it provides the user with relevant information like the popularity of the category and hashtag recommendations. 

Top Features 

  • Free to use 
  • Supports hashtag analytics 
  • Hashtags in a batch of 30 for easy copy and paste
All Hashtag

3. Flick

The Flick is a dedicated hashtag generator tool designed for Instagram. It is a popular choice amongst content creators and marketers. 

Flick provides an all-in-one tool for all the hashtag research you need. Its research tool offers you the following information:

  • Competition
  • Opportunity 
  • Total posts
  • Average likes

It not only helps you find hashtags but also provides you with quality hashtags that can help you grow impressions, profile views, and followers. 

For each search, you will get 40 suggestions. You can filter these suggestions using hashtag metrics. Additionally, it comes with a banned and flagged hashtag checker that prevents you from using a hashtag that can restrict the posts. 

Flick also provides you with a centralized space to access all the hashtags. 

Top Features

  • Detailed insights on hashtag performance
  • Advanced hashtag metrics: daily posts, competition score, potential reach score
  • Supports advanced hashtag metrics
Flick Hashtag Generator

4. Inflact

AI-based searcher powers Inflact, and this makes this hashtag generator tool unique. Another USP of Inflact is that it allows you to find the relevant hashtags by:

  • Photo
  • Keyword 
  • Link 

This tool is designed to generate hashtags for Instagram. The platform categorizes the hashtags into the following types:

  • Frequent: hard to rank 
  • Average: medium difficulty in ranking
  • Rare: easy to rank 

Additionally, it will provide you with other related organic hashtags using the same categorization. 

Furthermore, you can use Inflact to enter five keywords to get better hashtags. This feature helps provide specific hashtags to reach your target audience better.

Top Features 

  • Cross-language hashtag search 
  • Hashtag analytics 
  • Three ways to find hashtags 
Instagram Hashrag Generator

5. RiteTag

RiteTag provides you with hashtags that are based on real-time hashtag engagement. You can enter keywords to find relevant hashtags and also upload images to receive hashtag suggestions. 

Further, you can easily group hashtags on the platform for easy comparison and posting. It also integrates with platforms like Instagram, Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to find hashtag suggestions directly on the platform. 

Top Features 

  • Hashtag suggestions for images
  • Chrome extension 
  • Hashtag grouping

6. Kicksta

To be precise, Kicksta is a platform for increasing Instagram followers. However, it also supports an Instagram hashtag generator. You can use this platform to find trending, unique and ideal hashtags for a post. 

Kicksta generates hashtags under the following categories:

  • Top: For trending hashtags 
  • Random: For unexpected hashtags
  • Best Match: For straightforward hashtags

You can copy the hashtag generated for easy posting on the Instagram caption. Furthermore, easy organization of the hashtag is possible through “My Hashtag Groups.” 

Top Features

  • Free to use 
  • Generates hashtags for three categories 
  • Allows hashtag grouping
Kicksta Hashtag Generator

7. Hashtag Finder By Tailwind

More than 1,000,000 brands and small businesses use Tailwind, ensuring that you can rely on this platform.

Tailwind powers its Hashtag Finder with Artificial Intelligence to find the relevant hashtags. If you already have a caption ready for the post, simply use it to find all the beneficial hashtags associated with it. 

You can further save all the top Instagram hashtags into different lists. Each list supports 30 hashtags. 

The grouping is helpful in easy copy-paste of the hashtags for similar content. 

Additionally, the tool uses color-coded tags to differentiate between popular hashtags that are hard to rank and niche hashtags that are easier to rank. With this feature, you can create a balance of Instagram hashtags to improve the visibility of your content. 

Top Features

  • Generates hashtags as you type the caption 
  • Hashtag grouping
  • Color-coded tag to create the perfect hashtag mix
Hashtag Finder By Tailwind

8. Hashtagify

Hashtagify gives you all the necessary features to ensure your post works well on social media platforms. Firstly, it finds you the right hashtags. Secondly, it provides you with the insights required for further planning. 

The result is such that you drive up the engagement rate in the post. 

Its analysis provides you with the following data:

  • Popularity score 
  • Recent Popularity 
  • Month Trend 
  • Week Trend 

Apart from the top hashtags, you can also find related hashtags based on correlation and popularity. Furthermore, the spelling variant is helpful to ensure that you are using the rise case while using hashtags. 

Top Features 

  • Real-time insights on Instagram and Twitter hashtags
  • Hashtag analysis 
  • Custom suggestions for hashtags based on content

9. Toolzu

You can use keywords, URLs, and photos to generate hashtags on Tools. With a single search, the platform generates:

  • 3-4 trendy hashtags 
  • 6-8 hashtags with a medium difficulty ranking 
  • 12-18 difficult hashtags 

In other words, you get the perfect combination of different hashtags to improve the visibility of the content. Furthermore, you can sort the hashtags based on their difficulty score and volume. 

Once you have decided on the hashtags you want to add, simply tick the box present before the hashtag and copy it. You can copy 30 hashtags at once on Tools. 

The platform uses a 12+ million base to fetch the right hashtag for your content. 

Top Features 

  • Generates hashtags based on keywords, links and photo
  • Perfect hashtag mix for more exposure 
  • Supports filtering based on difficulty score and volume
Toolzu Hashtag Generator

10. Display Purposes

Display Purposes is a unique hashtag generator with plenty of rich features. To begin with, enter a keyword on the platform. 

After entering the keyword, the platform will generate the following results:

  • 30 most frequent used Instagram hashtags associated with the keyword
  • Ten most popular hashtags related to the keyword in the present year
  • Hashtag reports

The hashtag reports provide additional data, like the top countries and cities where the hashtag is trending. Other insightful data include:

  • Similar hashtags.
  • Demography of the hashtag.
  • Top languages of the hashtag.
  • Gender engagement of the hashtag.

All this information helps you find hashtags that work for your content.

Top Features 

  • Auto and manual tag selection 
  • Insightful hashtag data
  • Pro statistics are available for free
Display Purposes

11. Later

Later is not simply a hashtag generator tool because it offers plenty of other valuable tools. You can enter a keyword to find the relevant hashtags to make the posts more discoverable. 

Also, this hashtag generator indicates the relevance of the suggested hashtags. Additionally, it allows you to find hashtags in the context of the caption. 

Later provides you with detailed hashtag performance that includes:

  • Post count of the hashtags 
  • Median Likes 
  • Median Comments 
  • Median Impressions 
  • Median Reach Median Saves 

Additionally, you can use different timelines, like that of a week, month, or three months to fetch the hashtag details. 

The usage frequency table of the platform shows the number of times a particular hashtag was used. Also, not all hashtags fetch the same result. To understand which hashtag works for you, use its Instagram Analytics Tool, which automatically calculates the engagement rate. 

Top Features 

  • Supports Instagram hashtag analytics 
  • Generates hashtags based on captions
  • Detailed hashtag performance
Later Hashtag Generator

12. TagsFinder

You can use up to ten keywords to find the relevant hashtags that work for your post. You can also select the country where you want the hashtag to excel. 

The USP of TagsFinder is that it allows you to skip hashtags that contain specific words. For instance, if you chose “like/follow” as a parameter for searching a hashtag using this feature, it will skip all the hashtags that contain the word “like/follow.”

The platform offers three search types for finding the right hashtags:

  • Related hashtags 
  • Similar hashtags 
  • Related + Similar hashtags 

TagsFinder has a similar interface and is easy to use. 

Top Features

  • Supports ten keywords to generate hashtags 
  • Country-specific hashtag generation 
  • Parameter specifications for searching hashtags

13. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool does not limit itself to only hashtag generation for Instagram but generates hashtags for many other platforms like Twitter and Pinterest. 

You can choose the platform to generate hashtags relevant to a particular country and language. 

On searching a keyword, it suggests the relevant hashtags and also shows the search volume. Its pro tool offers the following additional data:

  • Total Hashtags 
  • Total Posts 
  • Total Search Volume 
  • Average Trend 
  • Average CPC
  • Average Competition

Also, suppose if a particular keyword has a total of 361 hashtags, you can look at all the 361 hashtags related to it. 

Top Features 

  • Uses autocomplete feature of Instagram to suggest hashtags 
  • Supports negative keywords feature to exclude specific keywords from the search result 
  • Rich and insightful data on hashtags 
Keyword Tool

14. Analisa

Upon entering a keyword on “Hashtag Analytics” of Analisa, you lay your hands on tons of information, like insights on the audience and engagement rate of the keyword. 

It also displays in this data the most used hashtags that you can finally use in either the caption or the first pose. 

Also, data like:

  • Total Follower Reach
  • Total Engagement 
  • Total Video Views

Are highly relevant to check whether you are going on the right word with a particular hashtag or not. 

It also provides you with a chart of audience engagement that helps you to find a suitable day and time to increase the post discoverability with a particular hashtag. 

Top Features 

  • Data on the engagement rate of a particular hashtag 
  • The right time to post the content with a particular hashtag 
  • Commonly used word in the context of the hashtag

15. MetaHashtags

The users of MetaHashtags have increased their reach by 520% by finding the right hashtags. 

The free version of MetaHashtags shows the top five hashtags related to the keyword with information on the number of posts and ranking difficulty. The MetaHashtags’s generated hashtag is relevant to:

  • Image posts 
  • IGTV 
  • Carousels 
  • Reels 

Also, based on your account, the platform recommends the perfect hashtag size. 

To ensure that your post doesn’t get shadowbanned for using a banned hashtag, you can use the Instagram Banned Hashtags Checker of MetaHashtags. 

Top Features 

  • Tracks hashtag ranking position 
  • Determines optimal hashtag size 
  • Banned hashtags checker 

Final Word

This was our recommendation for the best Instagram hashtag generators that you can use to find relevant hashtags so that you can drive more traffic to your posts.

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