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What is Employee Portal?

Employee portal also at times known as HR portal, is basically a cloud-based employee engagement tool that provides various HR services to employees within the organization. 

These HR services include access to helpful content that will help resolve common inquiries of employees. Also, self-service features that use AI technology like chatbots to answer employee questions without much involvement of the HR team.

By implementing this tool you can enhance your employee’s experience and ensure there is no disruption in their flow of work.

Apart from that, the employee portal also acts as a communication and change management platform that enables the HR team to communicate the changes that take place within the organization with employees.  

But why exactly is it important to have an employee portal?

There are service reasons why an employee portal is must-have in an organization, some of the reasons are listed below:


Employee portal makes it more convenient for your employees to gain access to crucial resources (access to app, system, and data) and other HR services anytime anywhere  


Employee portal offers self-service capabilities that run on the principle of do it on your own. Your employees no longer have to wait for days to get answers to their common inquiries as this feature provides them with all the readily available content to resolve their common issues.

This way employees feel empowered as they don’t have to rely on the HR team for basic information.


This portal streamlines various HR processes, reducing administrative burdens on HR managers and allowing them to focus on other core areas.

Onboarding Experience

This portal simplifies and expedites the onboarding process by helping new joinee to quickly familiarize themselves with organization’s policies and procedures, and resources.

Talent Retention

Employee portals contribute to a positive work culture by promoting collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing, which are key factors in retaining top talent and reducing turnover.

Cost Savings

The automation and self-service capabilities of employee portals helps save a significant amount of cost as it reduces the time and resources needed for HR administration.

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