80 Best Never Have I Ever Questions for Workplace (With Purpose)


“Never Have I Ever” is a popular social game that can be a great addition to your workplace fun time to engage and understand your employees better.

The game can be perfectly adapted for various settings, including the workplace.

This game involves participants taking turns stating something they have never done. Others who have done the activity admit it by acknowledging the experience.

In this article, we have added Never Have I Ever questions that can be used as inspiration. You may customize these questions to make them suitable for your work culture.

How Never Have I Ever Can Be Helpful

1. Strengthen Team Bonding: The Never Have I Ever game can help team members by revealing common experiences or sharing unique stories. It helps employees see each other in a new light, beyond their professional roles.

2. Promotes Open Communication: By encouraging people to share personal and professional experiences, “Never Have I Ever” can help enhance transparency and open lines of communication within the team. 

3. Provides Insight into Skills and Experiences: The game can reveal hidden talents, experiences, or interests that colleagues may not otherwise discuss in a typical workday. This can lead to discovering new project leads, mentors, or roles for individuals within the organization.

4. Lightens the Atmosphere: Playing a game like “Never Have I Ever” can help improve the work culture and make it fun to work. It can help reduce stress, increase job satisfaction, and create a more positive work environment.

5. Encourages Inclusivity: By giving everyone a chance to share and engage, the game can help ensure that all team members feel included and valued. It provides a platform for quieter team members to share something about themselves in a low-pressure environment.

Never Have I Ever Questions

1. Never have I ever pretended to understand a business buzzword.

Purpose: This can bring some humor into the workplace by poking fun at the often overused jargon in professional settings.

2. Never have I ever secretly taken home office supplies.

Purpose: A light-hearted question that might uncover some harmless confessions and spark some funny stories.

3. Never have I ever made up an excuse to skip a team-building activity.

Purpose: Encourages laughter and can lead to a discussion about what types of team activities are actually enjoyable and effective.

4. Never have I ever had a nickname at work that I didn’t like.

Purpose: Opens the floor for humorous or quirky stories about workplace dynamics and personal relationships.

5. Never have I ever accidentally sent an embarrassing chat message to the wrong person at work.

Purpose: Sharing these cringe-worthy moments can break the ice and make the team feel more connected through common, relatable blunders.

6. Never have I ever participated in a prank at work.

Purpose: A fun way to discuss workplace humor and the limits of acceptable pranking.

7. Never have I ever come to work wearing two different shoes or socks.

Purpose: A comical revelation that can add a touch of humanity and relatability to colleagues.

8. Never have I ever sung karaoke with coworkers.

Purpose: This can lead to reminiscing about fun outings or team-building events, potentially paving the way for future social gatherings.

9. Never have I ever danced at a company party.

Purpose: Encourages sharing memories of company parties, which can strengthen bonds and highlight the importance of social events.

10. Never have I ever tried to look busy when I actually wasn’t.

Purpose: Most people can relate to this, and admitting it in a humorous way can relieve stress and humanize everyone involved.

11. Never have I ever blamed a technical issue on “the server” or “the internet” when it really wasn’t the issue.

Purpose: A humorous nod to common workplace scapegoats, this question can lead to funny stories about technical woes.

12. Never have I ever had a crush on a coworker.

Purpose: While this must be approached with sensitivity, it can be a playful question that lightens the mood.

13. Never have I ever rehearsed a call before making it.

Purpose: Opens up about the behind-the-scenes nervousness that can accompany professional communications.

14. Never have I ever faked being sick to enjoy a sunny day outside.

Purpose: This can foster a lighthearted confession and perhaps some shared tactics for mental health days.

15. Never have I ever used the office Wi-Fi for personal streaming or downloads.

Purpose: A cheeky question that can lead to funny admissions about binge-watching or downloading habits.

16. Never have I ever taken a selfie at work.

Purpose: This question can lead to sharing pictures and stories, fostering a fun and sociable atmosphere.

17. Never have I ever had a meeting about a meeting.

Purpose: A light jab at a corporate culture that can spark laughter and camaraderie over shared frustrations.

18. Never have I ever been caught talking to myself at work.

Purpose: A humorous way to share those awkward moments when someone catches you in deep (solo) conversation.

19. Never have I ever built something out of office supplies during a particularly boring meeting.

Purpose: Encourages sharing creative or funny moments that happened during less-than-thrilling work situations.

20. Never have I ever worn pajamas during a video call.

Purpose: With the rise of remote work, this can reveal funny stories about the realities of working from home.

21. Never have I ever contributed to a company newsletter or blog.

Purpose: This question can identify employees who have experience in or might be interested in contributing to internal communications, enhancing team involvement and spotlighting hidden talents.

22. Never have I ever worked remotely from a different country.

Purpose: This could open discussions about remote work policies, cultural experiences, and the logistics of international work arrangements, promoting a more flexible work culture.

23. Never have I ever led a team meeting.

Purpose: Helps to identify employees who might be ready for leadership roles or more responsibilities, as well as highlighting potential training opportunities for those who haven’t yet had the chance.

24. Never have I ever been part of a company-wide initiative.

Purpose: Encourages sharing experiences related to large-scale projects, which can inspire others and promote understanding of different roles and contributions within the company.

25. Never have I ever attended a professional development course.

Purpose: This question can spur conversation about personal growth and professional development opportunities, encouraging employees to consider their own learning paths and the company’s support for such endeavors.

26. Never have I ever mentored another employee.

Purpose: Highlights the importance of mentorship within the company, allowing employees to discuss the benefits of mentorship and possibly leading to new mentoring relationships.

27. Never have I ever participated in a team-building activity outside of work.

Purpose: Opens up a discussion about past team-building exercises and their effectiveness, which can help in planning future activities that are more inclusive and enjoyable.

28. Never have I ever helped solve a major problem at work.

Purpose: Allows employees to share instances where they had a significant impact on the company, promoting a sense of accomplishment and encouraging a problem-solving attitude among the team.

29. Never have I ever received recognition from upper management.

Purpose: This question can bring to light recognition practices and possibly spark ideas for new ways to acknowledge and reward employees, boosting morale and motivation.

30. Never have I ever suggested an idea that was implemented.

Purpose: Encourages employees to speak about their contributions to innovation within the company and can motivate others to voice their ideas, fostering a more innovative and inclusive workplace culture.

31. Never have I ever worked on a project that failed.

Purpose: Promotes an open discussion about failure and learning from mistakes, which can foster resilience and a culture of transparency.

32. Never have I ever taken a business trip.

Purpose: Can help gauge employee experiences with travel and potentially open up opportunities for others interested in traveling for work.

33. Never have I ever participated in a virtual meeting.

Purpose: Useful for understanding how comfortable employees are with digital communication tools and identifying needs for further training.

34. Never have I ever volunteered for a task outside my job description.

Purpose: Encourages sharing about taking initiative and flexibility, important traits for a dynamic work environment.

35. Never have I ever had a disagreement with a supervisor.

Purpose: Opens the floor for discussing conflict resolution and communication skills in a professional setting.

36. Never have I ever worked in another industry.

Purpose: Highlights diverse experiences and insights that can be beneficial to the team and company innovation.

37. Never have I ever used a piece of technology for the first time at work.

Purpose: Discusses adaptation to new technologies and can lead to conversations about training and tech support.

38. Never have I ever been part of a successful product launch.

Purpose: Allows employees to share successful experiences and what factors contributed to the success.

39. Never have I ever recommended someone for a job.

Purpose: Encourages a culture of support and can lead to discussions about networking and the value of referrals.

40. Never have I ever taken a health day.

Purpose: Highlights the importance of mental health and self-care within the company culture.

41. Never have I ever attended an industry conference.

Purpose: Can initiate discussion on continuous learning and networking opportunities in the industry.

42. Never have I ever given a presentation to more than 50 people.

Purpose: Encourages employees to share public speaking experiences and can identify those who might be good mentors for others looking to improve their presentation skills.

43. Never have I ever organized a company event.

Purpose: Recognizes organizational skills and could lead to volunteer opportunities for interested employees.

44. Never have I ever been part of a union.

Purpose: Opens dialogue about workers’ rights and experiences within different organizational structures.

45. Never have I ever received employee of the month.

Purpose: Discusses recognition and motivates others by sharing what behaviors or achievements are celebrated.

46. Never have I ever participated in a strike.

Purpose: Encourages discussion about advocacy and the reasons behind collective action.

47. Never have I ever missed a work deadline.

Purpose: Promotes honesty about time management challenges and can lead to helpful strategies shared among the team.

48. Never have I ever had a work friend become a personal friend.

Purpose: Highlights the social aspect of work life and its impact on workplace satisfaction and teamwork.

49. Never have I ever brought my child to work.

Purpose: Opens up conversations about work-life balance and family-friendly policies.

50. Never have I ever changed my career path.

Purpose: Encourages sharing stories of career evolution and resilience, which can inspire others to contemplate a change.

51. Never have I ever made a significant mistake at work.

Purpose: Discusses accountability and the process of learning from errors.

52. Never have I ever taken a sabbatical.

Purpose: Opens up discussion about long-term breaks for personal development and their impact on professional growth.

53. Never have I ever had a job where I had to wear a uniform.

Purpose: Shares experiences from different types of job environments and industries.

54. Never have I ever been scared to ask for a raise.

Purpose: Can lead to discussions on self-worth, negotiation skills, and strategies for approaching sensitive topics.

55. Never have I ever had a side hustle while working here.

Purpose: Discusses work-life balance and the realities of modern working life, including financial needs and passions outside of work.

56. Never have I ever been part of a crisis management team.

Purpose: Highlights experiences in handling high-pressure situations and the skills learned from them.

57. Never have I ever written a grant or proposal.

Purpose: Can identify those with experience in critical aspects of business development and project funding.

58. Never have I ever received a company award.

Purpose: Recognizes achievements and discusses what kinds of contributions are valued in the workplace.

59. Never have I ever been on a work placement in another department.

Purpose: Encourages discussions about cross-departmental learning and organizational flexibility.

60. Never have I ever been part of a company layoff.

Purpose: Opens discussions on job security, change management, and coping strategies in tough times.

61. Never have I ever helped design a company product.

Purpose: Recognizes creative and innovative contributions and encourages sharing of design thinking and process.

62. Never have I ever had to apologize to a coworker.

Purpose: Discusses humility, responsibility, and restoring workplace relationships.

63. Never have I ever brought in something I baked/cooked to share at work.

Purpose: Fosters a sense of community and sharing within the team.

64. Never have I ever participated in an exit interview.

Purpose: Can lead to discussions about transparency, feedback, and how the company could improve retention.

65. Never have I ever been part of a company merger.

Purpose: Opens discussions on navigating significant organizational changes and personal experiences during these times.

66. Never have I ever learned a new language for work.

Purpose: Highlights the importance of communication in diverse work environments and personal development efforts.

67. Never have I ever been relocated for work.

Purpose: Discusses the challenges and opportunities of moving for professional reasons.

68. Never have I ever been involved in patenting a product or idea.

Purpose: Shares experiences in innovation and protecting intellectual property.

69. Never have I ever attended a retirement party at work.

Purpose: Discusses workplace traditions and celebrate career milestones.

70. Never have I ever worked in a startup.

Purpose: Encourages sharing of experiences in different business stages and the unique challenges and benefits of startup environments.

71. Never have I ever been part of developing a new company policy.

Purpose: Opens discussion on policy-making processes and employee involvement in shaping the workplace.

72. Never have I ever gone a whole day without checking my work email.

Purpose: Highlights habits and boundaries related to work communication and digital connectivity.

73. Never have I ever been nervous about a performance review.

Purpose: Discusses feelings around evaluations and can lead to strategies for handling stress and feedback.

74. Never have I ever worked a night shift.

Purpose: Shares experiences from non-traditional working hours and discuss their impact on work-life balance.

75. Never have I ever had a job that required me to travel constantly.

Purpose: Discusses the pros and cons of travel-intensive roles and the lifestyle adjustments they require.

76. Never have I ever had a coworker that became a roommate.

Purpose: Explores personal relationships within the workplace and their impact on both professional and personal life.

77. Never have I ever been part of a workplace safety incident.

Purpose: Discusses safety in the workplace and experiences with emergency protocols.

78. Never have I ever attended a company retreat.

Purpose: Encourages sharing of experiences and insights on team bonding and offsite events.

79. Never have I ever won a company competition.

Purpose: Fosters a spirit of friendly competition and recognition of diverse talents within the team.

80. Never have I ever had to speak in front of the entire company.

Purpose: Encourages discussion on public speaking and sharing experiences that can help others overcome similar challenges.

81. Never have I ever celebrated a coworker’s birthday at the office.

Purpose: Encourages sharing of happy moments and office traditions.

82. Never have I ever participated in an office Secret Santa.

Purpose: Promotes discussions about fun holiday traditions and gift exchanges.

83. Never have I ever given or received career advice from a coworker.

Purpose: Highlights the importance of mentorship and peer support.

84. Never have I ever created a work-related spreadsheet.

Purpose: Discusses the practical aspects of work and can uncover useful tips and tricks.

85. Never have I ever eaten lunch at my desk.

Purpose: Relates to work habits and can lead to sharing tips on work-life balance.

86. Never have I ever received flowers at work.

Purpose: Shares personal and touching moments that contribute to workplace morale.

87. Never have I ever been in charge of organizing an office party.

Purpose: Highlights organizational skills and fun aspects of workplace culture.

88. Never have I ever worked from a coworking space.

Purpose: Discusses different work environments and their benefits and challenges.

89. Never have I ever had a disagreement with a boss.

Purpose: Opens the floor for discussing conflict resolution and communication skills.

90. Never have I ever participated in an office fitness challenge.

Purpose: Promotes health and wellness discussions in the workplace.

91. Never have I ever brought a family member to work.

Purpose: Encourages sharing personal stories and discussing work-life balance.

92. Never have I ever received an anonymous compliment.

Purpose: Highlights positive experiences and boosts morale through kindness.

93. Never have I ever used a company car.

Purpose: Discusses perks and responsibilities associated with company resources.

94. Never have I ever taken a work-related certification exam.

Purpose: Encourages professional development and continuous learning.

95. Never have I ever been caught off guard in a meeting.

Purpose: Shares funny or embarrassing moments and promotes preparation tips.

96. Never have I ever coordinated a group project.

Purpose: Discusses leadership and teamwork skills.

97. Never have I ever created a work-related presentation.

Purpose: Highlights the importance of communication and presentation skills.

98. Never have I ever attended a company-wide town hall.

Purpose: Discusses company-wide communication and employee engagement.

99. Never have I ever worked with an international team.

Purpose: Shares experiences of cultural diversity and collaboration.

100. Never have I ever attended an industry conference.

Purpose: Discusses networking and professional development opportunities.

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