40 Best Employee Appreciation Ideas in 2024

Here are some actionable employee appreciation ideas that you may try in your organization to keep your employees motivated.
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Being recognized for a good job is great. The last time someone told you they appreciated your work, it probably made an impression.

However, employee recognition goes beyond making people feel good. Important company KPIs like engagement, retention, and productivity are greatly affected.

The data shows that “lack of recognition” is the third most common reason people resign. 26% of employees say feeling undervalued and disrespected is the biggest engagement hurdle.

Money matters, but not everything. The most crucial aspect of a successful company is employee appreciation.

The Importance of Employee Appreciation 

Your organization should reduce workforce turnover during the Great Resignation. Great Place to Work says making employees feel valued motivates them to excel.

However, how do you even begin? Since only some seek the same affirmation, having multiple options is important. A more engaged and enthusiastic staff is one benefit of this strategy for talent retention and engagement. 

40 Ways to Express Gratitude to Your Employees 

Here is a list that will help you come up with inventive methods to show your employees how much they mean to you: 

1. Express Your Gratitude With Written Words

Drop by a team member’s desk or send them a quick message occasionally. “I know you worked late to complete this project—I appreciate your commitment.” is a simple and effective way to express your gratitude.

A brief message like that demonstrates paying attention to their function in the office. 

2. Throw a bash for birthdays

 It doesn’t matter if you serve cake or have everyone sign a card; the point is to make your employees feel special on their birthday.

To ensure everyone knows when to celebrate birthdays, add them to an office calendar or include them in newsletters. One option for a birthday present for employees is to give them a day off. 

Employee Birthday

3. Bring in treats

You don’t need a cause other than to express your appreciation—order or bake sweets for your colleagues. To perk up a Wednesday morning, you may, for instance, bring in food and coffee.

You should ensure everyone has something they can eat, so don’t forget to ask about any food allergies or restrictions. 

4. Provide handwritten notes

Instead of emailing, write a handwritten message to thank or congratulate a teammate. Sending a handwritten note indicates you took the time to thank them. 

5. Send a survey to show your appreciation

Give workers a survey to fill out about their preferred methods of workplace gratitude. In addition to guaranteeing that you compensate workers in ways they appreciate, this can also supply you with excellent suggestions. 

6. Have an office trophy

A trophy or comparable item can be used as a monthly token of appreciation, and the recipient can be changed each time.

Assigning the trophy to a particular achievement, such as having the highest sales or using it to symbolize total monthly achievements, are both valid options. 

Office Trophy

7. Launch a public campaign 

Notify your clients and the community about your employees’ accomplishments to show your appreciation beyond the confines of the office.

One strategy is to use the company’s social media accounts to share team member highlights, achievements, and appreciation. 

8. Keep tabs on the achieved objectives 

Keep tabs on and reward your personnel as they work towards a specified objective. Make sure to update everyone and offer congratulations on major wins during meetings.

Posting a poster in the break room or on the team’s bulletin board also visually represents their success. 

9. Offer your workers a range of options 

Make an effort to provide your staff with more agency by allowing them to choose their projects and work locations.

Instead of just receiving assignments or rules to follow, make sure there are places where employees can make decisions; the level of autonomy they have in this regard should vary from company to company. One way to show respect and trust for employees is to let them make their own decisions. 

10. Have get-togethers

Throw parties to celebrate the hard work of your employees. Many companies host parties to help employees unwind and have fun during the hectic holiday season. But many other wonderful reasons to celebrate, like finishing a project. 

11. Remember special dates 

Keep tabs on staff anniversaries and highlight them in newsletters or circulate a card for others to sign as congratulations.

As an additional token of your appreciation for their dedication to the organization, you can offer incentives for reaching certain anniversary milestones. 

12. Dine at a restaurant

Take your workers out to lunch for a celebration instead of letting them work all day. Anyone who has substantially contributed to the company’s objectives, whether as part of a team or an individual, deserves recognition. 

Employee Dine at a restaurant

13. Encourage the possibility of growth

Employees feel valued when given the chance to develop abilities that are relevant to their work.

It shows that their employer values their professional development and wants them to succeed. Pay for or repay employees’ training expenses or conference registration fees. 

14. Set up a program to guide individuals in becoming mentors 

Build a mentoring program around your employees’ interests and requirements to help them grow professionally. Selecting employees to serve as mentors demonstrates confidence in their abilities and knowledge. 

15. Acknowledge achievements unrelated to employment 

Employees’ personal life may become apparent to you due to the relationships you cultivate with them. Congratulations on marriage, the birth of a child, or the receipt of an award relating to a favorite pastime deserve your sincere congratulations. 

16. Put on educational lunch-and-learns 

Holding scheduled lunches and learning combines two forms of showing appreciation: feeding colleagues and encouraging their professional development.

Attendees learn about various departments, hone their abilities, and advance their careers at these events. Get the staff’s thoughts on the issues that concern them the most. 

17. Say “thank you”

Thank the team member immediately whenever you feel grateful. Doing this may show your employees how much you appreciate all they do. You might send a follow-up email or letter to further elaborate on your gratitude for their efforts and the difference they made. 

18. Schedule contests based on specific themes 

Holding contests to engage staff in fun and creative holiday activities is great. Having desk-decorating contests where people compete to make the most lively display is one good idea. Ugly sweaters or costume contests are two other possibilities. 

19. Be genuinely curious about what they’re into 

When conversing with them, inquire about the employees’ interests and hobbies rather than focusing on work-related subjects.

Your genuine interest in them as people, not merely as workers, will be shown by this action. You can also tailor your expressions of gratitude to their specific needs by drawing on these findings. 

20. What about a wellness day? 

A wellness day shows your employees you care about their health and happiness. Wellness specialists may visit your workplace, including massage therapists, meditation teachers, and fitness instructors. Participants can relax and learn self-care techniques at the same time. 

Office wellness day

21. Swap out must-have workplace supplies 

Swap out the old coffee machine for something fancier if you see that it’s time for an improvement in the shared workplace space.

Your employees will be grateful that you have considered their wants and requirements and given them a present that everyone can enjoy. 

22. Highlight achievements in a newsletter 

Feature individual employees and their achievements in a part of your company newsletter. A short interview can be incorporated to understand the individual beyond their job performance better. 

23. Take a team retreat

Get away from the office and spend quality time with your staff by organizing a retreat. You can take an interesting vacation or even a day trip nearby to have fun and promote teamwork. 

team retreat

24. Begin an employee of the month program

Honor a deserving employee every month for their outstanding performance or noteworthy achievements. An office-wide message or an event can be sent to acknowledge them.

Motivate your staff with this program by sharing how you selected the recipient, the difference they made, and how their work reflected the company’s values. 

25. Make custom Team Tradition

Create creative ways to celebrate as a team that surpasses typical holiday customs. A monthly lunch is one example of a tradition, but a gala honoring the company’s founding is another.

Keeping these customs alive will help your employees feel a strong sense of belonging to your firm. 

26. Come up with financial rewards 

If your company allows it, bonuses and raises can be terrific ways to recognize hard work. Always use the same criteria to determine whether to reward employees.

Alternatively, gift vouchers to local businesses or eateries are a great way to express appreciation. 

27. Permit more time off

Consider offering an additional day off to recognize and appreciate employees’ achievements. Once a large-scale project is over, you can give them the option to conclude their week early or use the day off whenever they decide. 

28. Make remote work possible

Allowing workers the occasional opportunity to work remotely is another well-liked perk. Give your hardworking team the option to work from home on Friday if they have tackled a particularly challenging or time-consuming task all week. 

remote work

29. track of your successes 

Make time in your regular meeting schedule to hear about everyone’s recent accomplishments, whether once a day or once a week.

For example, you might find a penny on your way to work or ensure the kids are at school on time; these tasks are not limited to employment. Boost spirits and rejoice with one another since people love to share good news. 

30. Host food trucks

Inviting food trucks from the neighborhood to set up shop outside your workplace will give your workers a break and allow them to enjoy some fresh air while they eat. Determine if offering your staff coupons for free or discounted food is possible. 

31. Make a display of their achievements

Find a special spot at work to proudly display your accomplishments. Examples include photographs, certificates, and articles from various magazines. A great way to show your staff how delighted you are with their achievements is to display them. 

32. Meaningful Feedback

Initiate a feedback loop by giving your staff regular surveys to fill out and share their thoughts on the organization. Put a suggestion box on the desk for a less techy option. The belief that their views are valuable and could be utilized to effect change is highly valued by employees. 

33. Give them control 

An employee could get the opportunity to be the boss for a day as a reward for particularly noteworthy accomplishments. A better parking spot or someone to tag along to meetings are two examples of office benefits; however, they might vary from company to company. 

 34. Sort out your break areas

Your office break room should be a relaxing spot because everyone needs a break now and then. Provide cozy seats and a selection of books or other forms of entertainment. You should also keep it clean and in good repair. 

35. Get more people to volunteer

You can show your employees and community you respect their time by volunteering. Worker involvement can be encouraged through individual volunteering or company-sponsored events. 

36. Invite pets to the office

Schedule times when workers can bring their dogs to the office if you see them enjoying bragging about them.

Another option is to provide a designated area in the office or a message system where employees may post photos of themselves with their pets. 

pets to the office

37. Get a program of peer recognition going

Gather your staff in one area, maybe around a physical bulletin board, so they can publicly acknowledge and support one another.

In addition to holding team meetings and using the workplace messaging system, you can urge employees to recognize worthy peers. 

38. Give out swag

As an added perk, you can allow your staff to flaunt their company pride by giving them branded gear or products as gifts. Consider what your employees will use and add practical products like water bottles, tote bags, or portable chargers in your swag. 

39. Support for their daily travel 

Motivate workers to take public transit if they have a long commute. Paying for staff parking or commuting expenses can be a policy you put in place. Alternatively, you may have a drawing with parking or public transport passes as rewards. 

40. Enjoy a Day to Recognise Your Employees 

You can choose your annual day to celebrate Employee Appreciation, while the official one is on the first Friday of March.

Celebrating Employee Thanks Week and holding enjoyable events daily are great ways to show your thanks. 


Every one of these concepts has one thing in common: it gives serious thought to personal taste. Buying someone a new mug won’t satisfy their Words of Affirmation appreciation needs.

So, go at your own pace. Give careful consideration. Asking for opinions is a good idea to boost your company’s success and overall performance. 

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