20+ Best HR Blogs to follow in 2024

A comprehensive list of helpful HR blogs that you may follow to learn from the top industry professionals.
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If you are looking for the top HR blogs to follow, we have listed some of the best and most active HR-related blogs in this article that you may read regularly.

When we talk about HR blogs, it could be related to HR tech, software to use, general people management, growing people management skills, HR trends and related topics.

So to reduce this burden, we have picked some of the most well-known HR blog posts that will for sure be helpful to you. 

These blog posts not only deliver the information you require but present the insights in such a way that you don’t get bored while reading. Also, they share real-time experiences of HR professionals making it easier for you to relate to. 

So, without further Ado, let’s dive in and explore top HR blogs. 

#: HR Stacks Blog

Owner: Manjuri Dutta is the co-founder of HR Stacks 


The HR Stacks Blogs Are About: Before we get started with top HR blog list, don’t forget to check our blog on HR Stacks. We create content about all things HR and our primary focus is the HR Tech solutions that businesses can use to streamline HR processes.

We create content around employee management, engagement, employee appreciation and well-bing. Overall, our growing HR content stack can be very helpful for you.

1: Bonusly Blog

Owner: Raphael Crawford-Marks is the founder and CEO of Bonusly 

Bonusly Logo

The Bonusly Blogs Are About: The Bonusly Blog gives new viewpoints and valuable insights on workplace recognition, employee engagement, the employee experience, employee rewards, and company culture. Furthermore, the blog provides expert guidance on creating better work environments. 

Also, readers can explore different topics, like strategies for reducing turnover and real-life examples of employee recognition initiatives in practice.

2: Nectar HR

Owner: Sonia Rai is the founder and director of Nectar HR

Nectar HR Logo

NectarHR Blogs Are About: The Nectar Blog covers current and important HR subjects such as company culture,  corporate wellness, employee experience, recognition, and engagement.

It offers valuable insights into the latest trends, with an emphasis on topics like remote work culture and adapting to the “new normal”.

3: SnackNation Blog

Owner: Sean Kelly is the co-founder and CEO of SnackNation

SnackNation Logo

The SnackNation Blogs Are About: The SnackNation blog helps organizations enhance their culture, discover innovative workplace wellness ideas, and enhance employee engagement.

If your goal is to cultivate a workplace that promotes happiness and well-being among employees, they have a number of helpful blog posts.

4: Assembly Blog

Owner: Saravana Vijay Kumar is the co-founder of Assembly  

Assembly Logo

The Assembly Blogs Are About: The Assembly Blog offers distinctive perspectives on employee engagement and recognition within the organization.

Their content is focused on topics such as company culture, employee feedback mechanisms, utilizing culture gamification, devising strategies for employee retention, and more.

5: Evil HR Lady

Owner: Suzanne Lucas is the founder of Evil HR Lady

Evil HR Lady Logo

The Evil HR Lady Blogs Are About: The Evil HR Lady blog focuses on simplifying the role of the HR department and addresses their most common queries related to Human Resources.

Her blogs cover topics from payroll to discrimination and provide easy and simple answers to all your HR-related questions. You can even reach out to her via email for further assistance or any queries.

6: Namely Blog

Owner: Matt Straz is the founder and CEO of Namely

Namely Blog Logo

The Namely Blogs Are About: Namely’s blogs are like go-to resources for HR-related topics. It provides information regarding top-notch industry practices to the latest compliance updates, every piece aims to help HR professionals at any point in their journey.

With a committed team of HR visionaries, the Namely blog provides all the tools necessary for creating an improved work environment.

7: Workology

Owner: Jessica Miller-Merrell is the founder of Workology

Workology Logo

The Workology Blogs Are About: Workology’s blogs are all about recruiting, covering everything from job hunting and sourcing to tactics and technology.

Each article delves into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of recruiting, providing new insights every time you visit the blog.

8: Motivosity Blog

Owner: Scott Johnson is the founder and CEO of Motivosity 

Motivosity Logo

The Motivosity Blogs Are About: Motivosity blogs provide content that is employee-centric. These blogs address key concerns like employee happiness and present various ideas for enhancing workplace dynamics. 

9: Harvard Business Review

Owner: Dean Wallace Donham 

The Harvard Business Review Logo

The Harvard Business Review Blogs Are About: HBR’s blogs share posts that every business person should check out. It jots down the online conversations about business, covering HR subjects such as generational challenges and building leadership skills.

10: Clear Review Blog

Owner: Stuart Hearn is the founder of Clear Review

Clear Review Logo

The Clear Review Blogs Are About: Clear Review’s blogs are focused on delivering clear, easy-to-understand content on performance management topics, such as preventing burnout, building strong employee-employer connections, and employee engagement.

Also, they release an annual post highlighting upcoming trends in performance management.

11: TINYpulse

Owner: David Niu is the founder and CEO of TINYpulse

TINYpulse Logo

The TINYpulse Blogs Are About: These blogs cover a range of subjects such as keeping employees, strategies for hiring, evaluations, the culture within organizations, remote work, and beyond.

It also adds a touch of humor, incorporates references to popular culture, and delves into topics that many other HR blogs might shy away from, such as quirky colleagues with memorable quotes.

12: HR Zone


The HR Zone Blogs Are About: HR Zone is a very active publication about all things HR.

They publish employee development-related content, general HR-related content, industry news and resources that can be used by HR professionals.

If you want to know more about the changing trend of HR and employee management, HR Zone is a good resource.

13: CareerPlug

Owner: Clint Smith 

CareerPlug Logo

The CareerPlug Blogs Are About: The CareerPlug blog provides insights that help HR individuals in improving their hiring processes.

Also, if you are new to hiring, these blogs can be your go-to-resources. These blogs provide both practical and actionable insights, drawn from tried-and-tested hiring playbooks refined over years of experience.

14: Laurie Ruettimann

Owner: Laurie Ruettimann 

Laurie Ruettimann Logo

The Laurie Ruettimann Blogs Are About: In her blog Laurie shares HR insights, which are unbiased, original, and truthful. She covers blogs that challenge your perspective on work.

Moreover, with the diverse array of topics she covers, boredom is out of the question. Whether discussing interview queries one day or outlining how to create a performance improvement plan the next, her blog keeps you engaged and informed.

15: BambooHR Blog

Owner: Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders

bamboohr Logo

The BambooHR Blog Are About: Along with their own tech update, the BambooHR Blog publishes a number of detailed articles around various topics related to HR and employees.

You may learn more about subjects like Core HR, payroll management and aspects related to managing employee benefits.

You can follow their blog to understand the HR industry and become a better leader.

16: HR Bartender

Owner: Sharlyn Lauby  

HR Bartender Logo

The HR Bartender Blogs Are About: HR Bartender’s blogs cover various workplace-related subjects.

From effective supervision and leadership to boosting employee engagement and offering career guidance, the blog explores a broad spectrum of popular themes.

These blogs help address inquiries on topics like employee investigations and offering job references during interviews.  

17: Insperity Blog

Owner: Paul J.Sarvadi is the co-founder of Insperity and its subsidiaries

Insperity logo

The Insperity Blogs Are About: The Insperity blog aims to provide a reliable source of fresh ideas and top-notch business practices for individuals involved in building, leading, and evolving businesses.

Furthermore, the blog offers HR guidance, thorough analysis, research, and extensive industry knowledge. 

18: The Employer Handbook

Employer Handbook

The Employer Handbook Blogs Are About: Employer Handbook’s blogs can be your go-to resource for understanding the legal complexities of challenging HR dilemmas.

It covers small issues as well as addresses sensitive issues like terminating flatulent employees. It provides all the knowledge about the boundaries of HR legality and answers to your toughest questions about what you can and cannot do in tricky situations.  

19: EddyHR

Owner: Travis Hansen and Ryan Sagers 

EddyHR Logo

The EddyHR Blogs Are About: EddyHR’s blogs are dedicated to guide HR professionals through fresh ideas and subjects in human resources with clarity.

The content dives into current HR trends, topics, and challenges, offering thorough knowledge to enhance readers’ understanding of HR practices.

The blogs are organized into categories like benefits, company culture, PTO, and payroll, making it easier for readers to search topics that are related to their queries. 

20: WorkTango Blog

Owner: Kazoo own WorkTango and new CEO is Patrick Manzo

WorkTango Logo

The WorkTango Blogs Are About:  WorkTango’s blog shares the most recent trends and effective strategies in employee engagement.

It provides insights about the science behind employee appreciation and provides guidance on company goal setting and first-day checklists for new hires, WorkTango delivers practical advice across a range of HR topics.

21: Achievers

Achievers Logo

The Achievers Blogs Are About: Achievers’s blogs cover a wide range of topics like employee engagement, benefits and perks, wellness, HR trends, and beyond.

The aim objective is to guide the readers how they can improve the engagement of their employees at their workplace. 

22: Culture Amp

Owner: Didier Elzinga is the founder and CEO of Culture Amp

Culture Amp Logo

The Culture Blogs Are About:  The Culture Amp blog sheds light on what it takes to excel as an HR and People leader in today’s landscape, offering forward-thinking content on employee engagement, performance, diversity and inclusion, well-being, and other crucial topics.

Final Word

Hope this list of top HR blog is helpful. We will be adding more blogs to this list, so don’t forget to bookmark the page.

While some of these blogs are indipended content sites, many of these blogs are owned by the HR Tech companies. So, even if you are looking for the best HR Tech solutions, these blogs will help you.

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