Rippling vs. ADP: Detailed Comparison 2024

A detailed Rippling vs. ADP comparison, two of the popular HR Tech solutions that you may use for your business. We have considered a number of factors ot help you select the best one.

Rippling vs. ADP: Overview

What is Rippling?

A comprehensive solution for organizations to manage HR, Finance and IT solution for in-house and remote employees.

What is ADP?

ADP provides cutting-edge HR & payroll management services to ease your everday HR operations.

Rippling vs. ADP: HR Stacks Score

Rippling vs. ADP HR Stacks score based on a number of data points. We check the features, user feedback, community sentiments while adding the score. The score will give you some idea about the overall quality of the products.

HR Stacks Score for Rippling

HR Stacks Score for ADP

Rippling vs. ADP: Top Features

Rippling vs. ADP top features. In this list of features, we haven’t included all the features that the products has to offer. However, we tried to add the important ones to give you a competitive idea.

Top Features of Rippling

Human Resource Management
Payroll Management
Leave and Attendance Management
Employee Self Service
Complete HR Reporting
Performance Management
Centralized Employee Data Management
Automated IT Task Execution
Policy Creation & Implementation
HR Document Management
Time & Attendance (TA) Management
Learning Management
Complete Talent Management
PEO Services
Global Employment

Top Features of ADP

Advanced recruitment and onboarding tools
Robust time and attendance tracking
Customizable dashboard and reports
Integrations with major ERP/accounting systems
Mobile apps to manage payroll on-the-go
Workforce analytics and benchmarking capabilities
Applicant tracking system for efficient hiring
Performance management and reviews module
Expense and invoice management features
Configurable workflows and approvals
Centralized employee self-service portal
Core HR functions like profile management
Document storage and e-signatures
Training and certification tracking
Advanced people analytics and reporting
Support for contractors and freelancers
Asset, inventory and asset tracking
Integration with HR/Payroll outsourcing tools

Rippling vs. ADP: Company Profile

Rippling vs. ADP, some of the important points about the product company to giev you an idea about the strength of the company behind the product. It will also give you an idea about the stability of the product.

Rippling Company Profile

Co Name: Rippling People Center, Inc.
HQ: California, United States
Est Year: 2016
Company Size
1001-5000 employees

ADP Company Profile

Co Name: ADP, Inc.
HQ: Roseland, New Jersey, United States
Est Year: 1949
Company Size
1000+ employees

Rippling vs. ADP: Pricing Comparison

Rippling vs. ADP pricing comparison. The pricing is one of the most important aspect to look at when we compare two products. It can be an important aspect to make a decision.

Rippling Pricing Details

Free Version: No

Free Trail: Yes

Starting Price: $8/User

ADP Pricing Details

Free Version: No

Free Trail: Yes

Starting Price: $49

Rippling vs. ADP: Pros & Cons

Rippling Pros & Cons

Pros of Rippling

Onboard and offboard employees within 90 seconds
Automatically syncs employee updates to payroll
Centralized dashboard to access employee’s data
Provides a Rippling library
One single platform for all HR processes

Cons of Rippling

Limitation in integrating capabilities
Does not provide 24/7 live support

ADP Pros & Cons

Pros of ADP

Tailored solutions for any size business
Globally trusted brand
Efficient implementation
Automated tax compliance
Comprehensive reporting

Cons of ADP

Pricing is expensive
Limited customization
Occasional outages during software updates

Rippling vs. ADP: Learn More

Rippling and ADP are two top-rated HR platforms that offer professional employer organization (PEO) and non-PEO arrangements services. Although they share similarities, but they have some distinctive capabilities that sets them apart. 

What Is Rippling?

Rippling is a unified cloud-based HR platform that helps HR teams effectively manage and monitor payroll, employee data, apps, devices, and more, basically, all HR operations from one place. 

Be it assigning app, system, and data access to new hires or promptly revoking access upon their departure and everything in between, Rippling seamlessly executes these critical tasks through its advanced functionalities. 

What Is ADP?

ADP is a well-known Indian HR platform that offers payroll services and HR solutions to help businesses meet their requirements. 

ADP’s payroll services offer fast, reliable solutions to effectively manage both local and global workforces which further helps save your productive time and money.

Its Time & Attendance feature helps your HR team track the working hours of your workforce. Not only that, with the ADP’s HR insights you can get access to curated reports of employee data which further helps in making informed decision-making. 

Rippling vs ADP: Comparison Based On Different Criteria 

Below we have thoroughly compared Rippling and ADP based on different criteria. This analysis will help you decide which HR platform will be more suitable for your organization:

Criteria Rippling ADP
HR Services HR features: Rippling’s standard plan provides you with features like onboarding, policy creation (such as ​​time-off policies), employee data management, automated workflows, and PTO.

HR services: with Rippling’s add-ons HR services, teams gain access to tools for recruiting top talent, managing employee benefits, monitoring time and attendance, processing payroll, conducting employee training, and accessing HR support, all within a unified platform.

Finance and IT services: Rippling’s finance and IT products, such as inventory management, expense management, and application management, seamlessly integrate with its HR features.

PEO services: Rippling offers PEO and employer-of-record services, allowing users to scale between PEO and non-PEO services based on their needs and preferences. 
Employee acquisition capability: ADP offers different employee acquisition tools which includes recruitment, onboarding, training, and workforce management tools.

Foundational HR offerings: ADP provides fundamental HR services which include the creation of employee handbooks, management of documents, and generation of HR reports.

Regulatory compliance solutions: ADP’s compliance and risk management solutions help organizations in protecting their employees, and workers’ compensation claims, verify employment statuses, and assist in finding unemployment claims.
PayrollRippling simplifies payroll management by automatically calculating and submitting all payroll deductions and taxes, covering federal, state, and local taxes, as well as handling W-2, W-4, and 1099 forms.
ADP’s customizable HR platform helps organizations to customize the platform as per their specific needs. Furthermore, it integrates with 100 plus third-party apps which makes it easier to gather reliable and more accurate employee information.
Usability Rippling’s UI and customizable workflows are very easy to understand and this makes it easier for the HR team to use the platform more efficiently. Furthermore, it seamlessly centralizes  HR, IT and finance information all in a single location, enabling the team to  streamline the HR management processes. Rippling’s UI and customizable workflows are very easy to understand and this makes it easier for the HR team to use the platform more efficiently. Furthermore, it seamlessly centralizes  HR, IT and finance information all in a single location, enabling the team to streamline the HR management processes. 

Rippling vs. ADP FAQs

How Much Does Rippling Cost?

Rippling offers two pricing plan:

  • Rippling Unity starting at $8 per user/ per month. This plan is suitable for small business that requires limited features  
  • For a Modular Plan, you have to request for a quote. This plan includes all the features perfect for mid-size and growing enterprises

How Much Does ADP Cost?

ADP hasn’t listed their pricing details on their website however you can contact the support and find the plans that they are offering and their price. As per users, you can customize your plan as per your organization’s requirements. 

Which Business Should Opt for Rippling?

Here is a list of businesses that can choose RIppling:

  • A startup company that is expanding rapidly and requires a scalable HR solution.
  • A company that is growing their business in new countries and requires a global payroll solution to manage global workforce needs.
  • A company that needs an automated solution to simplify workforce management.
  • A company that is looking for a single platform to manage all of its HR management-related tasks. 

Which Business Should Choose ADP?

Here is a list of companies that should consider opting ADP:

  • A midsize company 
  • A large business that deals with a complex global workforce and operates in multiple locations.
  • A company that works in a highly regulated industry, such as finance or healthcare industry.

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