10 Best Resume Building Services in 2024

A professionally created resume can have a great first impression when you look for a job. We have listed some of the top services that can help you to enhance your resume and increase your chances of getting selected.
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Most of the time recruiters, HR, or employers form their initial impression of a candidate based on their resume. Thus, this implies that the quality and content of the resume that you share with them greatly impacts the chances of you being selected for the vacant job role. 

So, if you think your resume is not up to the mark, then you can get help from experts, friends who are already working in such role or positions, or the best and most optimal choice to use resume building service. But which resume-building services to choose?

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best resume-building services that offer various services such as cover letter writing, resume creating, LinkedIn profile optimization and many more.

You can choose the services that best align with your needs and budget and create the resume that will help you secure the job that you are looking for. 

1. Write Right

Write Right

Write Right is an agency that provides content writing services as well as resume writing services. This agency was founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi who is a well-known content writer.

Furthermore, Write Right specializes in creating customized resumes for you, where they will highlight your skills, accomplishments, and experience in a professional and most presentable manner.

2. Resume.com 


Resume.com is a free online resume-writing app designed to help you build a resume or cover letter. Also, it provides dozens of templates that you can choose from.

Furthermore, whether you choose to upload and make changes to your existing resume, build a new one from scratch, or customize a template sample resume, this tool helps you generate all this that looks professional.  

That’s not all, while creating your resume, Resume.com guides you through each section (education, skills, work experience, references). It additionally gives examples that you can refer to while filling out the details in your resume. 

Apart from that, you also have the flexibility to make modifications or rearrange sections and add custom content as needed.

3. Indeed Resume Builder 

Indeed Resume Builder

Indeed Resume Builder is the easiest resume builder app that you can use. You can create a resume on your own or choose from pre-build templates on Indeed for free. When you click a section on the resume it gets highlighted and you can edit those details in the template. 

The best part is even if you swap templates at any point of time you don’t have the risk of losing the work (the details that you filled in the resume). Additionally, you can remove or add sections as per your needs which can make your resume reflect what you are good at. 

4. CV Engineer

CV Engineer

CV Engineer is the most affordable paid app that helps build a resume that looks professional from every perspective. It offers 16 templates so you have a lot of options to choose from.

You can simply click on the pre-build templates and fill up your details into each section and you even have the flexibility to add more sections.  

Furthermore, this app gives you advice on what is the most suitable information to fill in each section. To provide you with more clarity it gives you examples of what an ideal resume looks like. 

5. Resume Star 2: Pro CV Designer 

Resume Star 2- Pro CV Designer

Resume Star 2 may not have the most visually appealing resume designs on iOS, but it does get the work done. Simply tap on each section of the resume, put your details, and it will automatically generate your resume (though there’s only one layout available). 

The app provides several example resumes to choose from and customize, including job-specific ones tailored for positions such as cashier, receptionist, senior manager, waitress, and dental hygienist.

6. VisualCV 


VisualCV is an app that offers a range of professional tools to create a professional-looking resume. How does it work? Once you sign up, you can simply upload your existing resume, start with a pre-build sample (already all the sections are added, you just need to edit the details), or begin from scratch. 

You can input information using the basic editor in a list format, edit directly on the resume using the visual editor, and preview changes in real-time using the preview mode. Additionally, the app provides a revision history feature.

7. Estorytellers


Estorytellers, a branch of Write Right, that offers resume writing services tailored for diverse needs like job applications, career transitions, and promotions. With a team of enthusiastic and skilled writers, Estorytellers creates compelling resumes that highlight your strengths and present your experiences in the best way possible.

8. Resume Genius  

Resume Genius

Resume Genius is the best option if you are building your resume for the first time. It claims that it creates a professional-looking resume within 12 mins. Furthermore, Resume Genius guides you through the resume-creating process. 

Also, It stands out for its feature that allows you to search for a job and access pre-written descriptions that can be added to your resume.

Once completed, you can seamlessly switch between various templates to find the most suitable layout. Apart from that, you have the option to directly share your resume with platforms like Indeed or Resume Library.

9. Zipjob


Zipjob’s team of expert resume writers enhances your resume to pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS) software, which is commonly used by recruiters to scan and sort resumes automatically. An experienced writer creates your resume and runs it through the ATS to ensure it reaches the attention of recruiters. 

10. ResumeSpice 


ResumeSpice is designed for individuals who are willing to invest in their job search. You’ll be paired with a “resume expert” who will help you build your resume from the ground up.

After selecting the service, you’ll complete a brief questionnaire and arrange a phone consultation with the resume expert to discuss your experience, job search, and career goals.


This was a brief overview of the best resume builder services. The choice is yours which one you want to opt for to create your professional-looking resume. To learn more about each application you can click on the links and explore them. 

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