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What is Attendance Management?

Attendance management is basically a systematic process of keeping a tab on your employees’ presence/working hours. In this process, the HR team documents their employees’ work time and their absence. 

Furthermore, the HR team can record employees’ working hours on spreadsheets, or install a punching time cards machine to automatically track the attendance or use an online attendance tool. 

However, you also need to be aware of different types of attendance management systems, so that you can opt for the ones that best meet your organization’s needs.

Types Of Attendance Management System:

  1. Biometric attendance software- These software verifies the employee’s identity via fingerprints and records when an employee is entering and exiting from the office premises. 
  2. Break-time tracking software- These software monitor the duration of employee breaks. Also, this software allows employees to log in and out multiple times during the day.
  3. Online attendance management software- These software is commonly known as a web-based timekeeping system. They provide employees with the ability to log in via a web interface. These systems use cloud technology that enables employees to access attendance data and perform logins and logouts from anywhere (where there is an internet connection).

But why is attendance management important? There are several reasons why every organization should implement attendance management, some of the reasons are listed below:

Compliance Need

In order to adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act, it is crucial for organizations to implement attendance management.

Detects Accurate Working Hours

During the attendance management process, the HR teams need to calculate the working hours of each employee. This helps identify how many hours your employees are working and this can be more beneficial if you have employees who work for you on an hourly basis. 

Also, by tracking the working time you can also calculate the exact amount of wages that you owe to your employees. 

Tracks Punctuality

By keeping track of employee’s attendance you will come to know how punctual your employees are. So if any employee is skipping early work without any notice their attendance can be tracked down and accordingly, you can take necessary actions to avoid such situations to arise in the near future. 

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