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One of the most comprehensive platforms to hire and manage freelance professionals. You may manage all contractors smoothly on this platform.

Free Version: No
Free Trail: No
Starting Price: Custom

What is Worksuite?

Worksuite, is one of the best freelancer & contractor management platforms that is designed to seamlessly onboard, manage, review/rate, and pay the organization’s external workforce. This workforce includes freelancers, service providers, and contractors from all around the world. 

Furthermore, this centralized platform not only saves you countless hours but also reduces your IT admin’s burden which helps them to divert their time and efforts on things that matter more for your business growth.  

Also, Worksuite offers a comprehensive end-to-end lifecycle solution that helps IT admins to organize and manage the entire lifecycle of external workers with ease. This solution includes different features like project assignments, performance tracking, and metric tracking to service procurement and payments.

Beyond streamlining processes, Workduite ensures that business stays compliant with all the required regulatory standards no matter how many freelancers you engage or where they’re located.

Plus you also gain transparency into your talent spend, time-to-hire metrics, and everything that’s happening around your global teams. 

Apart from that, Worksuite also provides tools to optimize, customize and automate the onboarding process all while monitoring contractors, freelancers and prospects. It organizes and manages the organization’s resources in real-time based on worker skills, availability and status of tasks.

Additionally, Worksuite simplifies payment processes through features such as tax forms, invoice management, and comprehensive reporting.

Now let’s go through different features offered by Worksuite’s global freelancer management system.

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Worksuite Reviews, pricing, Features, Pros and cons

Worksuite Top Features

Issue Management
Timeline View
Project Templates
Project Templates
Time & Expense Tracking
Task Management
Status Tracking
Resource Management
Requirement Management
Project Planning
Percent-Complete Tracking
Milestone Tracking
Budget Management

Worksuite Pros and Cons

Automated contractor hiring and onboarding in minutes
Customizable onboarding workflow for hiring policies
Mitigate workforce compliance risks
Reduce hiring expenses
Centralized task and request management
Customizable reporting capabilities
Efficient payment processing and tax form management
Poor customer support
Limited customization options
Lack of individualized company views and usage settings
Inefficient help chat box with delayed responses

Worksuite Pricing

Worksuite offers custom price based on requirements. They offer 3 plans to choose from. Get the details below.
Ideal for SMEs growing their external workforce
Ideal for corporate teams, agencies & large organizations
Ideal for multiple teams or full enterprise deployments

Worksuite Competitor Price Comparison

Quick price comparison with the related products to help to make a better decision.

Product NameFree PlanMin PriceMax PriceSJ SCORE
Omnipresent No£29/Month£499/Month92
GoHireNo£49 / month£199 / month91.5
Breezy HRYes$157/Month$439/Month92

Worksuite Demo & Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions About Worksuite

Worksuite uses a command center for managing talent networks at scale. It is one of the best solutions to manage contractors and their licenses while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
Worksuite is used by agencies, publishers, and enterprises such as Disney, Microsoft, The Home Depot, and Vox. If you manage a large number of freelancers, this platform can be a revolutionizing solution for your operational processes.
Since 2015, Worksuite has aimed to accelerate company growth by developing a globally renowned freelancer management platform, enabling effective engagement, management, and payment processes for your contingent workforce.
Yes, Worksuite offers free trials for organizations to experience the application’s functionality in real-time before buying.
Worksuite offers custom pricce that aligns with organizations size and specific needs.

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About Worksuite

Co Name: Worksuite Inc.
HQ: Delaware, United States
Est Year: 2015
Company Size
51-100 employees

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