10 Best Tools to Create Employee Training Video

Some of the top tools that you may use to create screen recording and video tutorials to train your employees.
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With proper training, your staff may be able to operate at their best, deliver high-quality outputs, or satisfy customers. Workers need significant training to operate at their best. 

Have you wondered why visual learning is popular in school and corporate training? People recall 95% of a video but just 10% when they read it!

Using training video software is a great approach to teaching your staff. Make professional-looking training movies with the help of this potent tool. 

Video tutorials are more successful than textual guides since they show viewers how to engage with clients or finish tasks. 

Learn all the ins and outs of video training for your staff with the help of this comprehensive guide. We’ll also talk about the top programs that can help you make instructional videos for your company. 

What Is Training Video Software?

Software designed specifically for making, editing, and sharing instructional videos is a training video solution. You can share engaging, informative, and high-quality videos with your students. 

Software education, compliance training, and staff onboarding are just a few examples of the many uses for which business L&D teams and educators can use this product. With the current features, you can make training videos for every type of learner and build courses quickly. 

To make learning more interesting for viewers, most training video software lets you include interactive features like quick feedback and pop-up quizzes. Ultimately, the goal is for them to participate rather than passively observe actively. 

10 Multipurpose Training Video Software for Onboarding

Among the many options for training video software, we have selected the ten best solutions to enhance the e-learning experience for your staff. 

1. ClickUp

While ClickUp is known as a project management solution, it comes with its robust video-creating solution called Clips. It offers screen recording features, ClickUp has quickly become a leading work management and productivity platform.

ClickUp’s Clip screen recording tool allows you to create professional-quality recordings without watermarks or time limits. 

Clip can record everything from IT problem reports to employee walkthroughs and customer seminars. It’s quite easy to use; you can record the full screen, individual windows, or even complete tabs in Chrome or Firefox. Y

ou don’t need to download it to see the recording right now! Plus, with shareable public or private links, you can easily transfer recordings to your team or clients, improving secure cooperation. 

ClickUp Video Maker

2. Camtasia

Camtasia is a versatile piece of software that incorporates screen recording, video editing, and interactive features into video clips. It has everything from green-screen editing to audio, video, and animation editing. 

The cherry on top? Because Camtasia supports 4K video import and export, low-resolution content no longer limits you. 

This video training program stands out from the competition with its interactive situations and avatars. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop creation tool, you can effortlessly include text files, MP3 and MP4 files, picture-in-picture photographs, and deep focus frames. 


3. iSpring Suite

Let your imagination run wild as you go on a quest to create training videos that inform and enthral. This task takes on a thrilling new dimension with iSpring Suite! 

By combining screen recordings with webcam footage and voice, the video editing software allows you to take center stage in your training movies, adding a personal touch that enriches the learning experience. 

With its realistic text-to-speech feature, iSpring is a top choice among training video software. This function lets you turn text into interesting voiceovers when resources (both time and money) are limited. 

iSpring Suite

4. Panopto

Panopto is an excellent video training platform that allows HR teams to make, distribute, and safely store training movies to improve understanding and memory recall. 

Your staff will get a visual index and table of contents generated by its Smart Chapters function, which gives them a concise summary of the material. 

Make quick work of trimming, splitting, and remixing movies; supplement your training materials with PowerPoint, YouTube videos, and web pages; and more. Add polls and quizzes to your videos easily without dealing with third-party integrations. 


5. ScreenPal

Among the greatest training video software solutions is ScreenPal, previously Screencast-O-Matic. It’s great for both experienced and novice video editors. It’s a reliable partner in transforming your ideas into engaging media. 

The video program allows you to record screen activity with or without a webcam, and the built-in narration function lets you personalize your recordings by adding your voice. 

You may augment your screencasts with overlays incorporating video, text, shapes, and photos, opening up unique narrative possibilities. Interested in ramping it up a level? Try using animations, green-screen effects, and automated captioning to give your content extra something. 


6. DemoCreator

DemoCreator is your gateway to the world of AI-powered video creation. Even people with no prior knowledge of video editing can jump right in because of how intuitive it is. 

You may add depth and creativity to your work by using its green-screen editing ability to change the background with any image or video. Make studying more exciting by enhancing instructional videos with annotations like subtitles, overlays, and arrows. 

The program can edit videos in various formats, has video stabilization to ensure they play back smoothly, and noise cancellation to clear the audio. 


7. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds, an all-in-one LMS, makes building, promoting, and selling interactive online courses easy. 

Use video conferencing, note-taking, self-evaluation, and certification to engage students. Embedded photos, links, titles, references, and more can be added! 

With advanced analytics, you can track how people interact with your videos and adjust your content accordingly. Additionally, LearnWorlds provides a networking hub where students can create profiles detailing their activities, accomplishments, and courses. 


8. Animaker

With Animaker, all your fantasies about live-action videos can come true! Thanks to its extensive personalization options, you may create your unique characters within the app. With Animaker’s automatic lip-syncing feature, you can finally put your post-production concerns to rest. 

The software for creating animated training videos encourages your imagination by giving a library of pre-made layouts.

The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface of Animaker makes creating animated videos a snap. Infographics, 2.5D, handmade, and whiteboard animations are just a few of its animation styles. 

Discover an extensive library that includes visual components, charts, icons, sound effects, and characters, opening a world of possibilities for your videos. 


9. Hippo Video

Hippo Video can help you become a better salesperson. With this multipurpose application, you may record your screen, edit videos, add transition effects, and share your finished products via email, social media, or links. Use a microphone to record your ideas and add text, photos, and GIFs. 

Beyond only video editing, Hippo Video does it all. With its help, you can build a specialized video portal for your students’ training, centralizing your useful materials in one convenient spot. 

What makes it unique is that it encourages a blended learning strategy by letting students utilize the program to give presentations to each other. Insights into who is watching your training videos, what they are sharing, and how they are responding are all provided by its extensive analytics. 

Hippo Video

10. Snagit

Snagit is the way to thrive, work efficiently, and communicate clearly if you want flawless screen captures and smooth recordings. You can use it to record your screen or webcam and quickly make high-quality training films. 

With its pre-made themes and image-to-video converter, making videos is a snap. In addition, your assets will remain organized and accessible with a built-in library that offers lifetime access. 



You can create interactive training videos that your staff will love watching using video training software. It’s an effective method for increasing output and releasing latent abilities in your workforce.

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