14 Best Recruitment Software of 2024

A comprehensive list of top recruitment software that can be very effective in managing the entire employee hiring process for your organization.

Top Recruitment Software


Recruitment Software Overview

Are you looking for the best recruitment software? Well, we have listed the best options in this article that you may use to find the right talent for your business.

Generally, instead of opting for a cloud-based tool organizations tend to stick with traditional manual methods to recruit new employees. This is because they have been following the same method for ages and also they believe that this approach is more budget-friendly. 

However, organizations often overlook the potential consequences they may encounter. 

You need to know that manual methods are not only time-consuming, resource intensive, error-prone, labor-intensive, but also it drains your HR team’s efforts. That’s not all, it also impacts the overall experience of candidates, as they have to wait for days or even weeks to get feedback or final result from the hiring team. 

Fortunately, this situation can be handled in a much more efficient way by deploying recruitment software.

But what exactly is recruiting software? What benefits does it offer? Who can use it? This article will provide you with all the detailed information related to recruiting software. So let’s dive in.

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Top Recruitment Software Solutions

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Quick Summary of Recruitment Software

Workable Logo

A modern applicant tracking and recruitment software to optimize and manage the hiring process with ease

Spark Hire Logo
Spark Hire

Spark Hire is a cloud-based video interviewing platform that enables organizations to conduct one-way pre-recorded video interviews and live video interviews with candidates

SmartRecruiters Logo

SmartRecruiters is a leading cloud-based talent acquisition suite that provides end-to-end recruitment software for enterprises.

Lever Logo

A talent acquisition platform that enabling recruitment professionals and hiring managers to source, engage, and hire top talent more efficiently

Remote.com Logo

Remote.com is a comprehensive solution that offers the option to hire, manage and pay your global workforce effectively.

Skuad Logo

Skuad is a global HR and payroll platform that simplifies managing a distributed workforce globally.


A platform to hire and manage global workforce, Talent500 offers smooth recruitment and EOR solution.

Worksuite Logo

One of the most comprehensive platforms to hire and manage freelance professionals. You may manage all contractors smoothly on this platform.

FactoHR Logo

A modern, mobile-driven, plug-n-play, hire-to-retire HCM platform that enables businesses to automate their daily HR functions

GoGlobal Logo

A comprehensive solution for HR management, Employer Of Record solution that you may use to manage your employee and pay them smoothly.

Sage HR Logo
Sage HR

Sage HR is a cloud-based human resources management solution to help you remotely track, manage, and engage your employees as easily as you do in the office.

FoxHire Logo

FoxHire will make your hiring process smooth and simple. This is a comprehensive Employer of Record solution that you may try.

Greenhouse Logo
Greenhouse ATS

A comprehensive applicant tracking and recruitment solution for all kinds of businesses. A great tool to source the right talent for the right job.

ClearCompany Logo

ClearCompany is one of the most comprehensive talent management solutions that you may use for your organization.

Recruitment Software In Detail

Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $189/Month

Workable is a leading recruitment and human resources (HR) management software that offers employers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline hiring and talent management process. Their easy-to-use, feature-rich platform includes applicant tracking, an HR information system (HRIS), custom recruitment pages and communities, and robust metrics and reporting.

Branded careers pages
Skill assessment tests
Customizable workflows
Job board posting templates
Configurable team permissions
Multi-language support
Advanced filtering
SMS and email communication
LinkedIn integration
Referral program templates
Interview feedback surveys
Job description creator
Analytics and Reporting
Candidate matching
Mobile app access
AI-powered candidate matching and sourcing tools
Sophisticated reporting and analytics dashboards
Seamless LinkedIn and other platform integrations
Customizable workflows and automations
Robust referral program management
Pricing can increase significantly for large enterprises
Learning curve for configuring all customization options
Limited customization features
Pricing Details
Workable offers 3 pricing plans to choose from. The Starter plan comes for $189 and comes with core recruiting features. It can have 2 active job postings. The Standard plan comes for $313 and it allows unlimited job posting, the Premier plan comes for $628 and it offers all features both the plans along with core HR and payroll solution.
For occasional hiring and essential HR
For consistent hiring and enhanced HR
For strategic hiring and HR
Spark Hire Logo

Spark Hire

Free Version: Array
Free Trial: Array
Starting Price: $149

Spark Hire is a cloud-based video interviewing platform that enables organizations to conduct one-way pre-recorded video interviews and live video interviews with candidates. With over 6,000 customers globally across diverse industries, Spark Hire is streamlining recruiting operations and improving company hiring outcomes.

Unlimited one-way video interviews
Unlimited live video interviews
Customizable branding and welcome videos
Advanced rating system with scores and comments
Detailed interview tracking and disposition tools
Library of curated interview questions templates
Automated reference checks feature
Analytics on interview conversion funnels
Powerful ATS integrations for syncing candidates
Flexible user permissions and access control
Advanced video analytics on response quality
Integration with Google Calendar for scheduling
Flexible time limits and countdown settings
Closed captioning and transcript generation
Advanced questionnaires for robust screening
Support for resume and file uploads by candidates
User activity logs and audit trails
Customizable interview evaluation forms
Outreach tools to invite candidates
Activity and process tracking dashboards
Improved speed
Scalability of initial screening
Collaborative review
Sharing of interviews across teams
Detailed hiring metrics
Interview conversion tracking
Lack of personal touch
The learning curve for advanced analytics dashboard
Reliant on stable network connectivity for live interviews
Pricing Details

When first venturing into the wide world of Spark Hire, the Lite path is ideal for feeling things out. At a mere $149 monthly, this tier gift wraps the essential tools needed to dip toes in the recruiting waters.

However, as teams gain confidence in their matchmaking moves, widening their scope with Pro for $299 monthly brings fresh fishing areas into view. More lines are released, and user numbers are boosted alongside growing ambitions.

For large companies whose hiring haul demands broader nets, the $499 Growth plan offers spacious shores to cast countless candidate calls. 

$149.00 Per Month
Unlimited interviews for 1 job at a time with 3 users
$299.00 Per Month
Unlimited interviews for 5 jobs at a time with 5 users
$499.00 Per Month
Unlimited interviews for unlimited jobs 10 jobs at a time 6+ users
Contact Spark Hire
For large teams with custom requirements
SmartRecruiters Logo


Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $39 per month per user

SmartRecruiters is a leading cloud-based talent acquisition suite that provides end-to-end recruitment software for enterprises. The software enables organizations to streamline their hiring processes and build an efficient talent pipeline. With advanced applicant tracking system (ATS) functionalities and collaborative hiring and candidate relationship management tools, SmartRecruiters helps recruiters and hiring managers source, engage, select, and onboard top talent.

Advanced applicant tracking system
AI and machine learning-powered tools
Skills-based candidate matching
AI resume parsing and ranking
Social and external job distribution
Candidate relationship management
Interview scheduling and management
Compliance and audit trails
Reporting and analytics
Job requisition and pipeline management
Talent pools and sourcing intelligence
Configurable first-level screening questions
Interview scoring and feedback abilities
Configurable stages and approval processes
Customizable workflows and forms
Robust API for seamless integrations
Onboarding and offboarding workflows
Extensive documentation and resources
24/7 Hiring success support
Automatic referrals and incentives
Mobile optimized for on-the-go access
AI-powered tools for faster hiring
Robust analytics and reporting abilities
Intuitive workflows for collaborative hiring
Rich third-party integrations and APIs
Efficient talent sourcing and sourcing intelligence
A steeper learning curve for advanced configurations
It might be pricier than similar ATS for very small teams
Some features are still in the beta phase of development
Pricing Details

While SmartRecruiters does not disclose pricing specifics publicly, it is understood through interactions with industry experts that the company generally caters to large enterprises.

As such, their cost structure may not make it the most affordable option, especially for smaller teams.

However, SmartRecruiters aims to provide value through robust features and top-notch support. It is believed that custom packages can be negotiated based on team size and prioritized functionality.

Similar to most B2B SaaS products, volume-based discounts can be available upon request.

No data was found
Lever Logo


Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: Custom Pricing

Lever is a leading talent acquisition and candidate relationship management platform that enables recruitment professionals and hiring managers to source, engage, and hire top talent more efficiently. It's a very handy applicant tracking system (ATS) and robust candidate relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

DEI Assessment & Tracking
Customizable Candidate Surveys
Rich Reporting & Analytics
Candidate Self-Scheduling
Customizable Job Post Distribution
Configurable Offer Management
Requisition & Approval Tracking
Automated Communications
Customizable Filtering & Searches
Advanced Analytics Dashboard
Extensive Integration Ecosystem
Automated Workflow Builder
Candidate Matching Capabilities
Applicant Engagement Tools
Multi-Location Hiring Functions
Cross-Department Collaboration
Real-Time Insights & Notifications
Dedicated Implementation Support
Powerful ATS and CRM combined
Extensive integration ecosystem
Automation eliminates busywork
Robust candidate relationship tools
Customizable workflows and forms
Comprehensive analytics dashboard
The steep learning curve for all features
Some advanced functions require add-ons
Support could be more responsive at times
Pricing Details

Pricing plans for Lever are not openly advertised on their site. Generally, three tiers exist tailored for organizations of all sizes. For smaller teams, a straightforward per-user model keeps costs sensible.

As needs increase, scaled pricing kicks in with added functionality to match. Their team also tailors custom proposals for larger enterprises with requirements beyond standard plans.

In all cases, Lever aims to demonstrate the recruiting productivity and performance gains their platform enables to more than offset any investment.

Contacting a representative remains the best path to full pricing transparency.

Custom Pricing
Lever’s cloud-based Talent Relationship Management (TRM) platform.
LeverTRM for Enterprise
Custom Pricing
LeverTRM for Enterprise offers advanced features and functionality that organizations and talent teams need
Remote.com Logo


Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $29/Month

Remote.com is a leading global HR & EOR platform that helps organizations hire, manage, and pay their entire global team seamlessly. With Remote, businesses can hire any employee from any country which further helps them to unlock a pool of talent. It can handle compliance, benefits, payroll, and taxes in countries where you don't have an entity.

Complete HR Management
Global Recruitment Solution
Contractor Management
Employer of Record (EOR)
Global Payrolls & Benefits
HR Tech Stack Integrations
Expense Management
Tax & Regulation Management
Time & Attendance Tracking
Employee Onboarding
HRIS for Global Teams
Complete end-to-end HR solution.
Hire and pay employees in nearly 70 countries.
Complete management of remote employees.
Payment can be made in 12 different currencies.
Complete contractor management solution.
Complete talent management solution.
Learning curve for new teams.
Relatively cheaper solutions are available.
Pricing Details

Remote.com comes with multiple pricing plans based on the features you may need for your organization. Their HRIS plan comes completely free. You may use this plan to manage all your employee onboarding, offboarding, employee data on a single platform for free.

If you need other services, you may choose the appropriate plan for your business.

Manage all of your employees in one place
Contractor Mgmt
Compliantly onboard and pay contractors
Employer of Record
Hire and pay your global team
Global Payroll
Consolidate your multi-country payroll
Remote Talent
Reach top-tier professionals from every corner of the globe
Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: Starting from $19

Skuad is a global HR and payroll platform that simplifies managing a distributed workforce globally. The platform allows businesses to hire talent anywhere in the world quickly, without having to establish legal entities in each country or spend months dealing with complex HR administration and compliance issues. Skuad handles critical aspects like digital onboarding, real-time global payroll, benefits administration, and ensuring adherence to local employment laws on behalf of its clients.

Digital onboarding internationally
Real-time global payroll across borders
Legal compliance worldwide
Centralized dashboard
Paperless processes
Generate pay stubs with a click
App integrations
Multiple language options
Automatic reporting team metrics
Tax management ensures payment accuracy
Visa sponsorship global work
Employee background screening
Paid time off tracking vacation
Expense management
Contractor invoicing billing
Benefits enrollment
API integration
Adaptability to changing business needs
Integrations with other systems
Simplified record-keeping
Hassle-free global hiring
Centralized information access
The steep learning curve for niche features
Non-availability in certain countries
Pricing Details

Skuad offers tiered pricing plans starting from $199/month for hiring regular full-time employees globally.

This subscription provides access to features like digital contracting, multi-country payroll, benefits administration, tax management, and ongoing support. For hiring contractors around the world, plans start from just $19/user/month.

Additional services like visa and immigration assistance and background checks can be availed at nominal fees. Skuad also has customized enterprise-level pricing for large corporations with 500+ distributed workforce.

They offer volume-based discounts, dedicated success managers, and customized reporting in these packages.

Starting from $19
  • Hire and pay contractors globally
  • Payments in 100+ currencies
  • Contracts tailored to local laws
  • Milestone, hourly, or fixed invoicing
  • Perks, benefits, time-off and expenses
  • IC compliance and secure IP
  • Multi-channel support and guidance
Full-time Employees
Starting from $199


  • Hire full-time employees anywhere
  • Payments in 100+ currencies
  • Contracts tailored to local laws
  • Perks, benefits, time-off and expenses
  • Employee tax management
  • IC compliance and secure IP
  • Multi-channel support and guidance
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  • Localized employment agreements
  • Payroll in 100+ currencies, taxes and deductions
  • Benefits, time-off, expenses and bonuses
  • Bullet-proof IP protection
  • Dedicated employee and employer manager
  • Customized systems integrations and reporting


Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $199/Employee

Talent500 is a renowned all-in-one workforce management platform that is developed to meet the needs of global businesses. Talent500 provides end-to-end Employer-of-record services, outsourcing legal and administrative employment aspects like payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance.

Employee scheduling
Time and attendance tracking
Payroll integration
Benefits management
HR management
Talent acquisition
Performance management
Succession planning
Compliance tracking
Reporting and analytics
Mobile access
Self-service portal
Employee engagement tools
Resource planning
Leave and absence management
Employee database
Recruitment management
Onboarding workflows
Employee feedback
Customizable onboarding workflow
Provides deep insights into recruitment and talent management
Keeps track of workforce performance
Effectively manages and provides workforce benefits
Adheres to compliance regulations
Simplifies management of work schedules
Fewer third-party integrations than some competitors
Expensive for small businesses
Complex initial setup
Pricing Details
Talent500 pricing plan starts at $199 per employee/per month. However, it offers different tiers that cater to different business sizes and requirements and each tier includes a range of features to ensure stability as business grows.
No data was found
Worksuite Logo


Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: Custom

Worksuite, is one of the best freelancer & contractor management platforms that is designed to seamlessly onboard, manage, review/rate, and pay the organization’s external workforce. This workforce includes freelancers, service providers, and contractors from all around the world. 

Issue Management
Timeline View
Project Templates
Project Templates
Time & Expense Tracking
Task Management
Status Tracking
Resource Management
Requirement Management
Project Planning
Percent-Complete Tracking
Milestone Tracking
Budget Management
Automated contractor hiring and onboarding in minutes
Customizable onboarding workflow for hiring policies
Mitigate workforce compliance risks
Reduce hiring expenses
Centralized task and request management
Customizable reporting capabilities
Efficient payment processing and tax form management
Poor customer support
Limited customization options
Lack of individualized company views and usage settings
Inefficient help chat box with delayed responses
Pricing Details
Worksuite offers custom price based on requirements. They offer 3 plans to choose from. Get the details below.
Ideal for SMEs growing their external workforce
Ideal for corporate teams, agencies & large organizations
Ideal for multiple teams or full enterprise deployments
FactoHR Logo


Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: Rs. 3,999

FactoHR streamlines employee onboarding with digital forms, document management, and integrated payroll onboarding. It also automates core HR activities like managing employee records, personal details, assignments, and organizational charts.

Recruitment Management
Onboarding & Offboarding
Core HR & Employee Self Service
Performance Management
Payroll & Statutory Compliances
Leave & Attendance Management
Expense & Claims Management
Training & Skill Development
Time & Attendance Tracking
Surveys & Feedback Platform
Configurable workflows and automated processes
Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities
Dedicated implementation consultant support
Compliance with Indian labor laws
Seamless integration with ERP/accounting systems
Customizable to specific organization needs
Some modules, like training, require additional costs
Biometric device integration needs third-party support
Limited customization options in basic packages
Pricing Details

FactoHR typically works with clients to understand their unique requirements, and pricing is customized accordingly. However, their basic HRMS package generally starts at a nominal monthly fee for up to 50 employees.

This provides access to core modules covering employee databases, attendance, leave, and payroll processing. Additional suites focused on talent acquisition, performance management, training, etc., involve slightly higher fees depending on desired functionalities and volumes.

Enterprise offerings for large corporations with thousands of employees and additional services like custom configurations, integrations, and support are comprehensively quoted on a case-by-case basis after a detailed assessment.

FactoHR believes in the value-based "pay as you grow" model and ensures its solutions remain cost-effective for organizations at different stages of growth and complexity.

Rs. 5,999
Everything in BOLSTER + Performance Management
Rs. 5,999
Core HRIS Geo Fence With Auto Punch In/Out Geo Tracking With KM Calculation Geo Punch With Selfie Shift Management Leave Management.
Rs. 4,999
Everything in ADVANCE VELOCITY + Travel, Claim, and Reimbursement
Rs. 3,999
Rs. 3,999 per month - Everything in VELOCITY + Complete Attendance & Leave Module With Biometric Integration Option Shift Management With a Roaster Customizable Workflow For Leave & Attendance
Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes